There’s a passion in you that scares me (climax)

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The purest intentions can stir up the darkest obsessions. Through the journeys Victor, Henry, Elizabeth, and Konrad went through, they not only endured physical pain, but also emotional conflicts. Victor had a new found passion towards their beautiful cousin, Elizabeth. But Victor realized this too late, because Elizabeth had fallen heads over heels for Victor’s perfect twin, Konrad. Konrad was better than Victor in various ways. He was better at fencing, cooking, reading, and interacting. Victor had sometimes envied his brother for his talents, but never did he hate him for it. Victor was ignorant, stubborn, reckless, and a genius at science. With hard driven confidence, he hid away in the castle dungeons with a forbidden alchemy book and experimented to make the flameless fire. Desperate to please and brag about his abilities towards Elizabeth, he worked day and night in the dungeons, preparing the fire that would help them navigate the maze-like caves that holds their second ingredient, the ‘fossil fish’, the coelacanth. Polidori had translated the 2nd ingredient, which is the oil in the head of the coelacanth, a fish long presumed extinct. Because of a rare sighting from a fisherman, they journey down into the caves to find the fish. Konrad was feeling better, and he joined in on the quest. But they didn’t realize that not only they had to navigating the caves, but also catching the enormous fish under a life or death time limit. The stress between Victor, Konrad, and Elizabeth is fervent. The strain to catch the fish is life threatening. Can they obtain the second ingredient, or drown in a deep cave and be eaten by the coelacanth?

2 thoughts on “There’s a passion in you that scares me (climax)

  1. Hi Angela!! Great post! I love the setup of the infographic and the pictures. Since Victor is in love with Elizabeth, how does it affect his relationship with his twin brother?

    • Frances,
      Thanks! Because of Victor’s love to Elizabeth, his view on his brother has changed dramatically. When he discovered that Konrad was keeping Elizabeth and his relationship a secret, Victor was dejected. He started to act like he was always competing with Konrad on who’s better. He was determined to prove himself in front of Elizabeth. Victor never showed his emotions outwardly to Konrad, but he is secretly becoming very jealous.

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