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Welcome to Camp Jupiter! *HUGE Spoiler Alert*

flying into enemy camp on a war ship. No biggie. Athena always has a plan. We’re fi–statue explodes onto deck.


ohaidere Percy. Long time no see!


Percy smells of ocean air. His lips were salty.


Percy: “Gods, I never thought–”


Seaweed Brain.


Finally getting chummy with Romans. Someone blows craters in camp Jupiter.


I can’t seem to embed the gif set into my blog properly. I’ll try to fix that later.

I just read the book today, and by the end of the book I was mentally crying. Rick, the ending was cruel. Right in the feels. Too much to take. I won’t give away any spoilers though.

Making this gif set was annoying. The website wasn’t working well with my computer. It’s like they had some kind of rivalry, like the Greeks and the Romans. Eventually, after many tedious hours spent on previously failed gif sets, I succeeded. Yet I can’t get it into my blog. Also for some reason, I had too many panels so I shortened down my original plan. I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out though, it’s better than I expected from me!

I chose to do a gif set for the exposition for several reasons: first, this book isn’t that serious, being narrated by 4 ADHD demigods (some with short attention spans), so I thought “why not?” and did a gif set. gifs are pretty entertaining, and hold your attention. Also, I wanted to try this out. I liked the first few chapters. The Percabeth (Percy+Annabeth) reunion, the camp being blown up (not really), and other stuff were interesting and drew me back into the world of Greek and Roman deities, Demigods, and dangerous quests. That’s already one and a half spoilers.

I thought the first few chapters were cute. No biggie. I love Percabeth.


If you don’t want to see spoilers for The Mark Of Athena by Rick Riordan, 


Unless you can’t help it. But you have been warned.



The exposition of The Mark Of Athena is not that sappy. Honestly, it isn’t really sappy at all. Jason, the former praetor of Camp Jupiter, introduces his new friends to his old friends and Percy, new praetor of Camp Jupiter, reunites with his old friends (and gets judo-flipped in the process)

Annabeth grabbed his wrist and flipped him over her shoulder. He slammed into the stone pavement.


If you ever leave me again,” she said, her eyes stinging, “I swear to all the gods–” Percy had the nerve to laugh. Suddenly the lump of heated emotions melted inside Annabeth.


“And this is Annabeth,” Jason said. “Uh, normally she doesn’t judo-flip people.”

–16, Riordan

That was cute. I love Rick Riordan’s writing.

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4 Responses to “Welcome to Camp Jupiter! *HUGE Spoiler Alert*”

  1.   Rebecca Says:

    Hey Annette! I could really connect to your blogpost since i have also read books by Rick Riordan before, but I never tried this series before. I have only read the Percy Jackson series and I really enjoyed reading them, but never really continued to followup with the other series Rick Riordan wrote. How do you think these two series are similar? I really liked how the gif’s were all kind of different, so it made it more interesting. Next time, maybe you can include more about characterization, since it’s the exposition post.

    •   Annette Says:

      Thanks for the feedback! This series (Heroes of Olympus) is a follow-up to the Percy Jackson series, and takes off a few months after the last book. The series starts off with The Lost Hero, where most of the stuff is happening in the Greek Camp [Camp Half-Blood], with Annabeth, Leo, Jason, and Piper as the narrators. The second book is more Roman, and is set in Camp Jupiter. Percy is one of the narrators of the book (though this time the narration is more impersonal, which is sad. I miss Percy’s funny dialogue with the reader. The humor is still there! e.g. Percy’s P.O.V: He killed the monster). Then, Rick Riordan trolls his readers with a major cliffhangar. Annabeth & Co. reach the Roman Camp, and Percy is there. “Come on,” he said. “Let me introduce you to my other family.” (Riordan, 513) < --Then it ENDS. The latest book is the Mark of Athena, where the seven demigods (the demigods part of the prophecy mentioned in The Last Olympian) come together. Those were really major spoilers. Sorry >.< Oh, and by the way, this series isn't finished yet, and Rick Riordan has just trolled all the Percy and Annabeth shippers with one of his biggest cliffhangers yet. The next book comes out this fall >.< What were your highlights in the Percy Jackson series? -Annette

  2.   Rebecca Says:

    Thanks for your explanation! I now understand the book a lot better. I read the Percy Jackson series quite a long time ago, so I forgot almost everything. 😀

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