Mass Media and Me

Mass Media and Me

Many people depend on social media, for example if they don’t go on the Internet, they can get extremely bored and sometimes this can drive them crazy. This technology influenced many many people, from making them famous or changing their whole personality with just a click of a button.

The Internet truly influenced me greatly because when I get home the first thing I do is go on my computer and go on the Internet, for example I watch YouTube videos or play online games. Video game is a kind of social media is because you get to communicate with the people you’re playing with, but also you can make new friends. I many new friends just by playing League of Legends (MOBA game). These MOBA games are online and now they’re basically a sport (professional players). But these professional people are only famous because of how good they’re at gaming. If you take this game away from them they’re just some random person that not many people would care about. Just like any kind of social media.

Just by playing video games, I got less time to socialize with my family because I get really into what I’m playing. But just by playing this game, more people cared about me and looked at me as a really good friend because I’m good at it. When I watch YouTube it makes happy because the videos are really funny, so the video makes me laugh. But sometimes there aren’t any new videos to watch. My brother also watches YouTube, and sometimes I watch videos with him.




John Smith’s Perspective of the Climax of the Story I am number Four by Pitticus Lore

This is a diary John smith wrote about the perspective. The conflict is the Mogodorians is hunting him, and that the Mogodorians killed Henri (John Smith’s Guardian) , and so john Smith is really sad. But he got no one to protect him. He is all alone. Also this means that the mogodorians finally found him and that they are going to kill him soon. Now he got to get stronger so that when they come, John Smith can defeat them


The Prezi: