Escaping, and fighting for shelter

Escaping from something or someone can be really difficult. But there are people who escaped and survived, and lived a long life

There’s this movie, i forgot the name, about these villagers in Africa living their life normally, until 1 day they were attacked by this army. These 4 small kids lost both of their parents. They were really scared but they overcome there fear and just left the village before they get killed. This movie is also based on a true story Just like in the story called The escape by Robert Muchmore. The main character Marc was an orpahn, and he was always fearless. 1 day he was fighting with another orphan named Lanier, when suddenly the Nazis bombed right near the farm where they live. Many people were hurt and soldiers were laying on the ground dead. So Marc had to find a way to escape before the Nazis reaches the farm and kill everyone

They are pretty similar because both the movie and the book had the same emotions. They overcomed their fear and fight on to survive rather then get really scared and die. Also on both sides, they all don’t have parents. Usually parents are the people that protects the child and boosts the courage of the childrens but these kids didnt have any parents so it was really hard not to fear what was coming to kil them. Leaving their home is really hard since no home means no warmth. So Marc and the African kids had a lot of courage to leave their home and pray that they will survive the difficult life out there.