Polymer Design Journal Day 5

IMG_0505For the first day of the project me and my partner brainstormed a lot and came up with a keyboard cleaner. This will impact the world by making sure that your computer is clean, because when a computer is dirty, it is pretty disgusting. So this polymer can make sure your enjoying your time on the computer.

For the First trial of the polymer failed, because the first prototype was too sticky and wet, meaning it will stick on to the keyboard, but instead of sticking nasty things on it leaves behind itself on the keyboard. The difficulty is that it is hard to decide how much we need for each ingredient because we don’t know the result for each amount. So that was really hard to decide. Also the polymer kept getting stickier, and that’s not good because it breaks apart really easily leaving bits and pieces of itself on the keyboard. I believe it’s going to work, and there’s no need changing the goal because we’re almost there. The cleaning part is there, it’s just the stickiness is the problem


Meme’s of true courage


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In the end of the book the main character Marc showed a great deal of courage to get to where he is now, escaped from the Nazis. I think this is the theme (It takes great courage to accomplish big things) because he did things that could risk his life. Henderson shrugged. ‘Look, you don’t have to come with me. “I’ll hold nothing against you if you want me to drop you off somewhere instead.’
Marc shook his head determinedly” (Muchamore, 209).
Also Henderson asked Marc to do many many dangerous missions that could help France win this war. “Nobody will expect us to head out the front of the hotel and get in a German car, so that’s exactly what we’ll do.’
Marc looked aghast. ‘Are you insane?’” (Henderson 222)
This quote shows that he was put to the test; if he doesn’t do it they’ll both die. So he sucked it up and put on the officer’s uniform and walked out. They ended up perfectly fine
At the start of the book, he was a little boy scared of the outside world, but Charles Henderson changed his point of view. He pushed him and pushed him. Which makes him more courageous.