Rising Action/ Climax Fault in Our Stars: The True Love Begins

Rising Action/ Climax: Show how a character develop overtime in the story

Imagine your alone at school, no friends to talk to. The uncomfortable feeling in side you. Nobody to talk to, except your parents. Loneliness starting to consume you. But one day another student walked up to you and started talking to you. Then after that you guys became friends. That feeling of hope made you stop giving up on yourself. This is how Hazel, the protagonist, felt when she met Augustus in the book The Fault In Our Stars.

In the story, Hazel has cancer in her Lungs. She knows that she’s not going to last very long. But one day she met a guy that kept staring at her. His name was Augustus Waters. They hanged out that day. She liked him. “Flirting was new to me, but i like it” (Green, 52). The feeling of being liked made her want to be with him even more. “I almost felt like he was there in my room with me, but in a way it was better.” (Green 72). She is starting to feel hope. She is starting to accept herself as who she is, because Augustus also had cancer in his leg.

After she found out the Augustus likes her, they started dating. Augustus cares for her, it’s because he already accepted her by who she is. That’s what helped Hazel accept her condition. She went to Amsterdam with Augustus, and she meets some challenges ahead. “No, there are many stars,” She said. “Steep stairs.” “It’s okay,” I said again. Augustus started to say something, but i interrupted. “It’s okay. I can do it.” This shows that she has hope that she can push herself even though the steep stairs have a chance of killing her. But knowing that Augustus is there, she feels safe.

Design Journal Day #7 April 14th, 2015

The prototype did what it is made for, and my partner and I are really happy. Maybe a few changes to the prototype, then it would function really well. The problem is that it dries up really quickly. The video wasn’t as good as I thought. If only me and my partner put more effort into the video, then i might be a really good video. The camera work was a little bit bad, but at least we got the information out there to the audience. Also the video didn’t a lot of questions about the product.

I think Bryn and Joshes group had a really persuasive about there polymer, and also in the video, the polymer looks like it has many many uses. Instead of 1 primary use

I think creating the polymer went pretty well, because my partner and I managed to recreate the prototype twice. But we lacked in cooperation because we each want to add different elements. That really make us fight over what we want to add. But we manage to pull it all back together and finish what needs to be done

Definition of Hazel: Strong, tough, and Never gives up on herself

Expectation: Show how lines in the dialogue tell the reader about a character


People suffer from cancer everyday, but they’re not always open to talk about it. They believe they’ll die and never be loved by someone. But Hazel, the protagonist, has a very strong personality. She fights, but also knows that people around her, like her parents, will always love her. But in the story, her conditions need more support from other people, not just her parents.


In the exposition of the book, The Fault In Our Stars, Hazel is suffering from cancer in her lungs. Hazel goes to a support group because her mom wants her to make friends, and also not feel alone because of her conditions. So basically she has to be open to talk about her issues. This is what she said when it was her turn: “My name is Hazel. I’m sixteen. Thyroid with Mets in my lungs. I’m okay”(Green 11). This lung cancer made her skip school for three years: “I hadn’t been in proper school in three years” (Green 24). This means she hasn’t been socializing for a long time. That makes her very timid. In this dialogue, Hazel is having a conversation about how she doesn’t want to go to support group: “I refuse to attend support group”, “……”,“Please just let me watch America’s Next Top Model. It’s an activity.” (Green 3). She chooses to stay home, instead of going to the support group and making some friends. She use to have really close with her friends, but after she was diagnosed with cancer, she had not been in contact with her old friends and also did not try making new friends. Even though she is very shy, she is open to talk about her problems. Hazel was sitting on a bench at the corner of the mall she was at, until a little girl came up to her and asked what was in her nose. This was what she replied: “Um, it’s called a cannula. These tubes give me oxygen and help me breathe.”, (Green 46). This part of the story shows that even though she is not as strong as everybody else but she is still fighting her cancer. She’s strong inside. She knows that she’s going to die, but what kept her happy was believing that as long as someone cares for her, then she can live a happy life. And that person is Augustus Waters.






Day 6 Design Journal


Today we had new materials to help with the cleaning keyboard polymer, but after the experiment; me and my partner created something that had more use. That changed our goal. Our new goal is a cool pack for people when they have a fever, or also on a hot day; you could wrap this around your neck to have a cool feeling. It will cool off your body. The cool pack will help cool off the fever for a bit, and also while your sick you can rip off part of the polymer and play with it. It is extremely stretchy and fun to play with.

So far our goal is getting really really close, because the chilling affect is already there. All we need right now is to see if we can remake it with ease.

At our first test with this new experiment, it didn’t stick or clean anything. But my partner wanted to keep it. So we play around with it a little, then i put it on my forehead. It felt really nice and cool. That’s when I came up with the idea of a cooling polymer


Polymer Daily Journal

Day 1:


What did we do:

In class we read a book by Dr.Seuss called Bartholomew and the Oobleck. After we finish the story we created the Oobleck. It is made out of water and starch. It was really slippery and slimy but it quickly dried up if I stopped kneading it.


What did I learn: I learned that the Oobleck is a type of polymer. Polymer is an atom that is made up of a chain of different other smaller atoms. Poly meaning lots and mer meaning an atom called monomer.


What Questions do I have: How are these polymers formed?


Day: 2


What did we do:

In class we made mind maps about polymers, and also created another type of polymer called Gloop. Before doing the mind map we discussed about the main questions we came up with a while back, then we combined all of our research to help us make our mind map. After a while, we created a polymer called Gloop. It is not as slimy as Oobleck but it is equally as disgusting as the Oobleck.


What did we learn: There are also natural polymers around us like tree sap, and also the shell of a cockroach. The shell is made up of a polymer substance called Chitin. There’s also man made polymers like plastic, but adding different things inside changes the uses of plastic


What questions do I have:

No questions


Day 3


What did we do:

In class we created our second polymer called booger. It is very disgusting and even slimier then gloop. The polymer is actually really really stretchy. It included water, glue, and some other type of liquid
What did I learn:

There are lots of different ingredients out there in the world that can create different types of polymers, and each polymer has its own uses in life. Just by adding different things, the characteristics of a single polymer can change drastically.


What questions do I have:

No questions.



Day 4

What did we do:

In class we created our final polymer called the super slime. It is very liquidy and also very soft. It looks like jello. Also the way the colors show on the super slime is very different from the 2 previous polymers we created

What did I learn:

I learned that there are many different types of polymers like for example, all of the 3 polymers I created had different characteristics in all of them. Booger is very stretchy, gloop is very slimy, and super slime has a very different look from both booger and gloop

What questions do I have:

How do people know how much is needed to create a type of polymer?