The Analysis of the People Under the Bed

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The focus point is the face of the billboard because the billboard shows that he is happy and comfortable with his bed while he travels, but there was juxtaposition in the picture where the children and the family behind. The family is living in a very unsanitary place. The huge billboard shows that the place the family is living is on a highway. The dim background and the dead grass in the foreground shows the depressing and sad mood. This shows the condition of the great depression and how sad the people lives were. The details on the children’s faces show how horrible their lives are. Their surroundings are very unsanitary, which is another evidence of how horrible the Great Depression was for most of the American population

The 100th death

His red eyes gaze upon me, where we stand in the winter rain. His fearful eyes strengthen me. The knife with dripping rain, I was ready to strike him. In a dark alley where I can hide him deep down, forgotten from the world. Small white breathes of air puffs out of his lungs as if it was his hope fading into the air. His breathing got faster and faster, his heartbeat got slower and slower. Until he was completely still. I struggled to pull the knife out of his cold-blooded body. As I press my foot into his rib cage, shivers went up my body. The bones started cracking and breaking as I pulled the knife out. Finally the knife was free, but blood was oozing from his chest like a fresh banana smoothie. I looked in disgust then ran the other way, shamed of what I’ve done.

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Furry Ones

Don’t we all have that one friend that you just don’t quite get. The one that says things at the worst time. Well I have that one friend, not speaking any names. Lennie in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the book we’re currently using to study characterization in English. My partner, Josh Chan, and I created a found poem that we think best fits the physical and internal appearance of this unique character. Enjoy!


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