The 100th death

His red eyes gaze upon me, where we stand in the winter rain. His fearful eyes strengthen me. The knife with dripping rain, I was ready to strike him. In a dark alley where I can hide him deep down, forgotten from the world. Small white breathes of air puffs out of his lungs as if it was his hope fading into the air. His breathing got faster and faster, his heartbeat got slower and slower. Until he was completely still. I struggled to pull the knife out of his cold-blooded body. As I press my foot into his rib cage, shivers went up my body. The bones started cracking and breaking as I pulled the knife out. Finally the knife was free, but blood was oozing from his chest like a fresh banana smoothie. I looked in disgust then ran the other way, shamed of what I’ve done.

I got to the start of the alley; where two policemen have halted me. A waterfall of sweat started to formed on my forehead. They grabbed my wrist and pushed me into the dusty brick wall. Didn’t even say a word while I was being handcuffed. I got pushed into the backseat of the police car, it was humid and very dirty. The cage separated me to the policemen, good to evil.

Instead of stopping at the police station, we stopped in an alleyway. The car door slammed open. One of the policemen had a hard grip on my both shoulders, he tossed me out of the car. Then I was dragged deeper deeper into the dark alleyway. It felt like I was entering a dragon’s stomach. Then they let go of me. For once I had some freedom, but I knew it was not over. They started kicking my stomach, oh did they kick so hard. I gaze up upon the beautiful night sky and screamed “WHY! OH GOD WHY!”

Then the kicking stopped and I used the last bit of my strength to see who they were, I saw his eyes. Yes his red eyes gaze upon me. Their brothers, how could I be so foolish. I had no strength to yell for help, only the strength to feel alone, in pain.

But what consumed me the most was the guilt that was devouring me from the inside. I didn’t want to live anymore; he had a family of his own. I can picture his family crying and crying, hopelessness fills there body. I have family of my own, a wife named Fiona, and a daughter named Anji. They mean the most to me. That’s what’s killing me internally. I closed my eyes to attempt to forget all this. Everything became dark, depressing, and lonely.


I gasp for air as the nasty smell of tar enters my nose; I was standing in a hallway, decorated with stripes on the floor, and diamond patterns on the wall. It was my old house where I grew up in, but darker then usual. Parents are not around. The temperature started to drop below zero. The only light that shined the hallway was a lamp on the ground. My childhood pictures were hanged on the wall, but all cracked. My breathing accelerates with my heartbeat. I shiver with my arms on my shoulders. I picked up the lamb, blue lights shine down the hallway. There was a little girl in a white dress standing in the distance. Her oily hair covered her face. Her hiss echoes the hallway. I shuffled back slowly, but I hit a wall. Wait it’s not a wall! I feel her, her, her, HER SLIMY HANDS AROUND ME! OH PLEASE GET IT OFF MY SHOULDERS!

I let go of my expensive leather jacket, and crashed into the nearest room. Ship! It’s a dead end. I started to sweat all round. My mind was panicking I couldn’t think straight for a second. I keep telling myself she’s not behind but there she was. Dripping tar on the floor, hair covering her ripped up face. It was horrifying and disgusting. She was barely visible in the dark gloomy room. She started walking towards me slowly. The sticking sounds of the tar were the only noises echoing inside the house. I looked around, trying to find an escape route. It was my very own childhood room. I hit the window, I bashed at it again and again with the lamp. But the window wouldn’t budge. The dark and gloomy room started to grow even darker. Then her head looked up. OH IT WAS DISGUSTING! Holes and ripped flesh defined her face. Her hair was oily and wet. Her teach were crawling with bugs. Her breath was unbearable. “Back off!” I shouted, “Please, I have a family!”

She opened her mouth and spoke with her deep, dark, demonizing voice. “Well that man had a family!”

I was speechless. She raised her slimy hands and started screaming. First my eardrums started to pop then mY INSIDE STARTED TWISTING. THEN A HOL…


“Sorry ma’am, we tried our best” said the nurse, “his heart just stopped beating”

She patted on Fiona’s shoulder, tears rain down onto her shoes.

“We’ll do our best to figure out how this subconscious death happened,” said the nurse, attempting to calm Fiona, but the words from the nurses mouth were like trains going from one tunnel to the other.

“Where’s daddy?” said Anji

“I don’t know but he’s probably off somewhere peaceful calm, he will always be with us. Just not at the moment” whispered Marry.

She wiped her eyes and grabbed the little girl’s hand, and shuffled to the main gate of the Hospital. The nurse came in to wrap up the dead body for the forensics to deal with, “The 100th subconscious death today, all died the same way.” Said the nurse as she ticked off her clipboard, “hm, wonder why?”


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