Possessed: My Create Project

What keeps you up at night, the creaking sound of the door, or the light that flickers in your living room. In my short story the main character faces himself with a power son that’s possessed. He checks the nursery for what’s going on only to find his son giving him his worst nightmare. This short story was supposed to be a narrative inspired by “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury, but for my CREATE project, I developed it into a short story. Through this short story, I showed my understanding in the English Standards, using connotation and my understanding of mood.


My usage of connation throughout the short story conveys a creepy mood of the setting. For example, the phrases “Mental Asylum” and “…was so harsh it can make a grown man have tears”, the word harsh also gives a negative connotation of the setting.

The phrase “Come, Yessss come,” The voice had a ghostly voice of a ghost bride, this gives the reader a creepy mood.

In conclusion, my usage of connotation and mood shows my understanding in the English standards and the English Curriculum

This is the story ENJOY!:

White walls decorate the hallway of Happy Life Homes. The light on the ceiling turned on and off every second. Making the middle of the hallway pitch black. Only one single light bulb lit the end of the hallway. The air was thick and cold. Mists were forming under my feet.

The air was below zero. Then there was door. Black door covered with old paint. Spiders and other bugs were crawling all over the surface of the door. It was wooden with the word “nursery” pasted onto the wooden door. The sign had rust covered all over it. Something was off, the walls were brand new, the smell of still fills the hallway. But the door, just something about that door that’s off. It was old. Not any kind of old. It was ancient, disgusting, and worn out. Whispers echo through the hallway. Whatever that’s whispering kept repeating “Come, Yessss come”. The voice had a ghostly voice of a ghost bride.

The door opened to the nursery. It was pitch black, then the dim light switched on that only lit the middle of the nursery. Surrounding the nursery were walls that have many cracks and scratches. There were tally marks covering the walls. The only light source the illuminates the room is the little crack on the left side of the wall. The light source was coming from the moon. It shined onto a little girl sitting in the corner with a patient’s clothes on. Scratches and bruises covered her legs and arms. The girl made faint cries every 2 seconds. Her skin was ice cold, the word Nexcare Mental Asylum was written on the top of the wall. It had a huge black “X” over the Nexcare Mental Asylum. Beside the “X” writes “Nexcare doesn’t care”. Spiders and centipedes were crawling on the floor and the wall. The whispers were gone but the little girl kept repeating “No!, No!, No!, No!” The only furniture in the room was a metal bed with no sheets. It was all rusty and old. The air was harsh, hard to breathe in. The room was incredibly cold. The door closed behind. Screams started echoing the hallway. The howls of wolves were echoing outside. Mists filled the room. The atmosphere was so harsh it can make a grown man have tears in his eyes. The air could make anyone burn their lungs. The floor had rotten bones and flesh. The smell was disgusting. The flesh made a nasty odor that could poison an elephant. Then my son glared at me with his dark eyes, everything disappeared. The asylum, everything.

“Nothing is going on here dad” said my son with a grin. I slowly walked back step by step, preparing to run. I was prepared to grab the handle of the door as my heart pounds against my chest. Then suddenly the handle disappeared from my hand. The smell shoots into my nose as I inhale. The smell burned my skin, I started to choke. I couldn’t breathe, blood started dripping from my mouth. I got to my knees holding my throat. I looked up and saw my son, his eyes were pitch black. His stare penetrated my soul.

“We know your fear, we know you’re weak”, he said with a dark tone, “

I wasn’t prepared for whatever is going to happen, cracks started to form on the ceiling of the asylum. Slimy ghostly hands started erecting from the ground. The entire room was shaking. My son started to float toward the ceiling as the undead started spawning from every direction. I covered my ears as he scream a high pitched sound. My ears drums popped, blood dripped down my ear lobes.

“Honey! Dinner time!”, said My wife, “Can you call Jimmy for me”

Everything disappeared again, I looked up at Jimmy, my son, he had that innocent little grin.

“That was fun, we should do it again sometime” Jimmy said

As he left the room I vomited everything from my stomach only stare of the horror that entered me. Piles of warms and bugs pile up as I spit out. As the last of them eject from my body. I curled as ball, still shaking and breathing heavily. Tears dripped from my chin. I slowly got up, and grabbed the handle of the door. I struggled to stand, but I managed to exit the nursery. The horrid creation of the Happy Life Home.

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