Olivia (My Create Project)

Love could be overwhelming, as the main character struggles to let go of the love of his life. I shows understanding of the english standard by created a creative story from scratch. I used hyperbole to give a sad mood and a warm mood for the reader. Like for example “I hid under my blanket suffocating but it still couldn’t distract me from the excruciating pain the fills my heart.” This shows the reader the pain he’s going through. I also have the correct punctuation in my writing. I also used figurative language in my writing for example: “crowding together like a college party”. This shows how noisy and wild the crowd was after the performance.

Here is the story:


After performing for 30 minutes, my chair started to heat up like a furnace, and people stared as we prepared for the grand finale. I’m the first chair of the orchestra, I can’t fail now, I think to myself, the nerves taking its toll on my brain as sweat started to pour down my face like a waterfall. The conductor strolled onto the stage, and was welcomed by thunderous applause. I watched intently as he raised his arms and the quiet conversations hushed: the last piece was about to begin.

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Education is Important, and i mean it || Final Exhibition Project

We learn in an international school not knowing the reason. Usually its because of our dad’s job, but from my research, I found out that studying abroad in China was all to help China enter the “modern” age. I provided significant facts by saying in my story how China lost the opium war because of the lack of modern technology. I know that kids are very interested in cartoon, so I used stop motion to entertain my audience. I drew everything, because of my lack of skill in drawing, it could possibly make my audience laugh. I used words that were easy to understand for the audience but also sophisticated enough so that the audience are able to learn.


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