“How About A Kiss”: A Persuasive Monologue

For this unit in English, we analyzed the Book thief, by Markus Zusak, to get a greater understanding of Archetypes through the book. To end this unit, we had to write a Persuasive Monologue as one of the characters. I chose to write about Rudy as he is trying to persuade Liesel, the main character of the story, to kiss him, because Rudy is deeply in love with Liesel. So the audience would just be Liesel. So enjoy!

Please Liesel, just give me a kiss. How I daydream of that one kiss that will one day touches my soft lips. I don’t have a coin in my pocket to trade for some mixed candy, or buy you flowers. I have been whipped, punched, and splashed just so I can hopefully get that kiss. You see this scar right here; this is me falling for you. These scars are symbols of my undying love for you. Can’t you see how fearless and strong I am. Seriously, look at these muscles.

I’ve protected you multiple time from walking you home safely to getting whipped in the back. I’ve attempted to shield you from the horror from this world to prevent you to witness it even more then you’ve already have, and I will never give up until I know it’s safe for you to come out under the cave of my arms.

The world hasn’t been beautiful to me until I met you, and such beauty shouldn’t be corrupted by the Füher, the wars, and the bullies.

I’ve witnessed the Füher tearing families apart by the recent wars. All of which are happening because of him. I will finally end it all by killing him. Because I’d do anything for you Liesel. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m very stubborn. But all being stubborn allowed me to be fearless to whatever challenge that’s put in front of me. It’s either a whip in the back or diving into the river to make you happy. Because seeing your smile to me is like a little candle lit in a pitch back room that could be put out in one blow. But don’t worry my hands will be on top of the candle to shield you from the darkness that corrupts the world.

Challenge me all you want saumensch, but whatever challenge you or the world gives me. I can do it. Because I’m an amazing athlete from winning all those gold medals during that competition. I also have the best score in the class. This is why I have the strength to protect you. Hearing you scream, I’ll run to you. Stuck in a problem, I’ll solve it. I always have ways to solve problems.

Why should you fear just a little bit of filth between us? We’re both incredibly poor, we both don’t have the money to buy soap, and I’ve already covered myself in charcoal before. So filth really shouldn’t be a problem. I know you can’t resist my lemon hair and my tasty lips. It’s okay, I’m not asking much. I just want to believe that a dream can come true before we die. We might die tomorrow, maybe in a few seconds. Jets do fly incredibly fast. Just one kiss, that’s all I’m asking. Let a lonely boy’s dream finally come true. So Liesel, how about that kiss?

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