The Lonely Boy

Being a fan of many fantastic movies, I couldn’t help myself to create one. But after lots of thinking, I realized that all these movies were so good because of the music that was composed for it. So i present you the song I’ve created The Lonely Boy”

The song I’ve created showed understanding in the standard of the Speaking and Listening. “The Lonely Boy” is a the classic hero’s journey, where a Lonely boy would rise up to be a hero with the help of the wise old man (mentor) and the hunter. There would be obstacles on the way in the dark woods before he can reach the mountain. Meaning the dark woods acts like the threshold guardians . Killing the dragon isn’t the ordeal, avenging his parents is. These shows my understanding in the unit of Archetypes. But also shows my passion in music, even though my singing isn’t as good as it could be. I still tried my best to show how much I love music.

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