the understanding of spice trade

Many things are important in the spice trade, but the most important one is economy.

In the primary source named Document D: Bahadur Shah-Azagmarh Proclamation 1857. It talked about that the British monopolized trade by conquering India. Because the trade is so important that whoever controls it have power to do practically anything.

“In 1857-1858, British ruled India”…”British government have monopolized the trade of all fine and valuable merchandise such as indigo, cloth, and other artiles of shipping, leaving only the trade of trifles to people”

Because trade is so important the British are willing to do anything in their power to conquer India, because India has the most valuable merchandise meaning you could make big money. By ruling India, the British has monopolized trading.


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Trading was the only way any kingdom or empire can make any type of money, but if you could get hold of that of that dominant trading point. Christopher Columbus arrived at the Indies and found that the most dominant trading point is India. With the most valuable natural recourses. Also when people have the most valuable riches, meaning it would have higher demand, making anybody with these recourses the richest and the most powerful

“When I discovered the Indies, I said that they were the richest dominion that there is in the world. I spoke of the gold, pearls, precious stones, spices . . .”

This quote shows that trading spot is really important also it can make a place one of the most powerful and the richest

Christopher Columbus

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