When Life Gives You Lemons: An Interpretation of Act 3 Scene 2 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Oh, this play is going to be cheesy. I’m not going to convince you how it’s not, it’s going to be real cheesy. But that’s like the majority of all Shakespeare plays. The word love just makes it cheesy already. Love can be great at times, but from this play I realized that “love” could be quite manipulating. Manipulation from love could change how someone thinks of someone else immediately, and that’s basically what our play is about

For the past few days, my group and I have been working on our own interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are 4 parts to the directors note book, Music, Props, Costumes, and staging. I worked on costumes, Isaac worked on the staging, Anthony worked on the props, and Kevin helped choose the music. This one-act is from lines 35-140 in Act 3 Scene 2.

I’ll start with the introducing my group members: Isaac Tong , Anthony Wang, Kevin Zhao

Director’s Notebook:

The Performance:


Midsummer Night’s Dream

For my contribution to this group is acting as Helena and Hermia. But also preparing the costumes. Our group decided that our thematic issue is the manipulative power of love. We can see that from the text in Act 3 scene 2 from line 43 all the way to 85. The text shows how Hermia is overreacting about Lysander leaving her alone in the woods. Which caused her to get straight to the point, and that is accusing Demetrius of murdering Lysander. When really Demetrius didn’t do anything at all. So my job as Hermia, I had to get straight to the point. So I was angry straight away by calling him names, and also giving a hard time for Demetrius to try and calm Hermia down. Because the only thing on Hermia’s mind right now is that Demetrius murdered the man she loves. Also I portrayed Hermia as the sassier one because she actually can attract men. Making her more confident about herself. The setting helped show how mad she really is. The lockers blocking Demetrius’s face when he’s trying to talking to Hermia is an example. It gives the audience the idea that Hermia is giving the angry silent treatment. But before all of this, Demetrius has no idea what’s going on. As confused as Demetrius is, Hermia just keeps walking and pretends that he’s not even there.

Helena, as being the only person not manipulated, is very confused. Lysander, being the manipulated one, doesn’t know what he’s really saying. I try to portray Helena as being a person who’s really clear on what she’s talking about. Giving all the evidence that Lysander doesn’t love her, that made Lysander have a hard time trying to convince her. To conclude this reflection, I showed my understanding in my character and the thematic issue is by showing the rage that Hermia has, and also the confusion of Helena.

Analyzing A Butt

With very minimal amount of characters in the play “Mid-Summer’s Night’s Dream”, I was struggling incredibly hard characterizing a fictional character with words that was create before I was even born. But as I’ve reread the play over and over again, one person seemed to stand out. That person is the one and only, Nick Bottom.


How I would characterize Nick Bottom



-A Gentleman but a bad actor

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Olivia (My Create Project)

Love could be overwhelming, as the main character struggles to let go of the love of his life. I shows understanding of the english standard by created a creative story from scratch. I used hyperbole to give a sad mood and a warm mood for the reader. Like for example “I hid under my blanket suffocating but it still couldn’t distract me from the excruciating pain the fills my heart.” This shows the reader the pain he’s going through. I also have the correct punctuation in my writing. I also used figurative language in my writing for example: “crowding together like a college party”. This shows how noisy and wild the crowd was after the performance.

Here is the story:


After performing for 30 minutes, my chair started to heat up like a furnace, and people stared as we prepared for the grand finale. I’m the first chair of the orchestra, I can’t fail now, I think to myself, the nerves taking its toll on my brain as sweat started to pour down my face like a waterfall. The conductor strolled onto the stage, and was welcomed by thunderous applause. I watched intently as he raised his arms and the quiet conversations hushed: the last piece was about to begin.

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Education is Important, and i mean it || Final Exhibition Project

We learn in an international school not knowing the reason. Usually its because of our dad’s job, but from my research, I found out that studying abroad in China was all to help China enter the “modern” age. I provided significant facts by saying in my story how China lost the opium war because of the lack of modern technology. I know that kids are very interested in cartoon, so I used stop motion to entertain my audience. I drew everything, because of my lack of skill in drawing, it could possibly make my audience laugh. I used words that were easy to understand for the audience but also sophisticated enough so that the audience are able to learn.


Link to My Project:

Possessed: My Create Project

What keeps you up at night, the creaking sound of the door, or the light that flickers in your living room. In my short story the main character faces himself with a power son that’s possessed. He checks the nursery for what’s going on only to find his son giving him his worst nightmare. This short story was supposed to be a narrative inspired by “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury, but for my CREATE project, I developed it into a short story. Through this short story, I showed my understanding in the English Standards, using connotation and my understanding of mood.


My usage of connation throughout the short story conveys a creepy mood of the setting. For example, the phrases “Mental Asylum” and “…was so harsh it can make a grown man have tears”, the word harsh also gives a negative connotation of the setting.

The phrase “Come, Yessss come,” The voice had a ghostly voice of a ghost bride, this gives the reader a creepy mood.

In conclusion, my usage of connotation and mood shows my understanding in the English standards and the English Curriculum

This is the story ENJOY!:

White walls decorate the hallway of Happy Life Homes. The light on the ceiling turned on and off every second. Making the middle of the hallway pitch black. Only one single light bulb lit the end of the hallway. The air was thick and cold. Mists were forming under my feet.

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Rational of Mice and Men

We are the ghost interviewer here to interview the ghost of Lennie. Lennie was represented as the person the follows other people. The one that doesn’t have a specific American dream, but also follows another person’s American dream. Our media is an audio recording

“George told me not to speak to you, he says I woul’ mess ever’thing up”

This shows that Lennie is a follower, which relates to the thesis statement. We chose that these because the behavior in the book shows that he only follows George. For example:

“He won’t do it, George woulden’t do nothing like that. I been with George a long time. He’ll come back…Don’t you think he will?”

We asked Lennie if George won’t be with him, what would he do. It shows that without George he’s left with a confusion and fear. That relates to the thesis statement

The american dream the Lennie followed was this:

“George has a goal, and I’m helping him with it. We gonna buy a farm, “an’ have rabbits.”(13) “we’ll have a big vegetable patch, and a rabbit

hutch and chickens. And when it rains in the winter, we’ll just say the hell with going to work, and we’ll build up a fire in the stove and set arourd it and listen to the rain coming down on the roof.” (14) George says that I can have all the rabbits I wan’, different colored ones too.”

This is related to the great depression, because the majority of the people during the great depression wanted to have land and shelter. That’s exactly what George wants, and Lennie is just there to help him


The Analysis of the People Under the Bed

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.45.02 PM



The focus point is the face of the billboard because the billboard shows that he is happy and comfortable with his bed while he travels, but there was juxtaposition in the picture where the children and the family behind. The family is living in a very unsanitary place. The huge billboard shows that the place the family is living is on a highway. The dim background and the dead grass in the foreground shows the depressing and sad mood. This shows the condition of the great depression and how sad the people lives were. The details on the children’s faces show how horrible their lives are. Their surroundings are very unsanitary, which is another evidence of how horrible the Great Depression was for most of the American population

The 100th death

His red eyes gaze upon me, where we stand in the winter rain. His fearful eyes strengthen me. The knife with dripping rain, I was ready to strike him. In a dark alley where I can hide him deep down, forgotten from the world. Small white breathes of air puffs out of his lungs as if it was his hope fading into the air. His breathing got faster and faster, his heartbeat got slower and slower. Until he was completely still. I struggled to pull the knife out of his cold-blooded body. As I press my foot into his rib cage, shivers went up my body. The bones started cracking and breaking as I pulled the knife out. Finally the knife was free, but blood was oozing from his chest like a fresh banana smoothie. I looked in disgust then ran the other way, shamed of what I’ve done.

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Furry Ones

Don’t we all have that one friend that you just don’t quite get. The one that says things at the worst time. Well I have that one friend, not speaking any names. Lennie in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the book we’re currently using to study characterization in English. My partner, Josh Chan, and I created a found poem that we think best fits the physical and internal appearance of this unique character. Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.49.27 PM


The Nursery of your son

White walls decorate the hallway of Happy Life Homes. The light on the ceiling turned on and off every second. Making the middle of the hallway pitch black. Only one single light bulb lit the end of the hallway. The air was thick and cold. Mists were forming under your feet. The air was below zero. Then there was door. Black door covered with old paint. Spiders and other bugs were crawling all over the surface of the door. It was wooden with the word “nursery” pasted onto the wooden door. The sign had rust covered all over it. Something was off, the walls were brand new, the smell of still fills the hallway. But the door, just something about that door that’s off. It was old. Not any kind of old. It was ancient, disgusting, and worn out. Whispers echo through the hallway. Whatever that’s whispering kept repeating “Come, Yessss come”. The voice had a ghostly voice of a dead lady.

The door opened to the nursery. It was pitch black, then the dim light switched on that only lit the middle of the nursery. Surrounding the nursery were walls that have many cracks and scratches. There were tally marks covering the walls. The only light source the illuminates the room is the little crack on the left side of the wall. The light source was coming from the moon. It shined onto a little girl sitting in the corner with a patients clothes on. Scratches and bruises covered her legs and arms. The girl made faint cries every 2 seconds. Her skin was ice cold, the word Nexcare Mental Asylum was written on the top of the wall. It had a huge black “X” over the Nexcare Mental Asylum. Beside the “X” writes “Nexcare doesn’t care”. Spiders and centipedes were crawling on the floor and the wall. The whispers were gone but the little girl kept repeating “NO!, NO!, NO!, NO!”. The only furniture in the room was a metal bed with no sheets. It was all rusty and old. The air was harsh, hard to breathe in. The room was incredibly cold. The door closed behind. Screams started echoing the hallway. The howls of wolves were echoing outside. Mists filled the room. The atmosphere was so harsh it can make a grown man have tears in his eyes. The air could make anyone burn their lungs. The floor had rotten bones and flesh. The smell was disgusting. The flesh made a nasty odor that could poison an elephant. Then your son looked at you, everything disappeared. The asylum, everything.

“Nothing is going on here dad” said your son with a large grin on his face