Escaping, and fighting for shelter

Escaping from something or someone can be really difficult. But there are people who escaped and survived, and lived a long life

There’s this movie, i forgot the name, about these villagers in Africa living their life normally, until 1 day they were attacked by this army. These 4 small kids lost both of their parents. They were really scared but they overcome there fear and just left the village before they get killed. This movie is also based on a true story Just like in the story called The escape by Robert Muchmore. The main character Marc was an orpahn, and he was always fearless. 1 day he was fighting with another orphan named Lanier, when suddenly the Nazis bombed right near the farm where they live. Many people were hurt and soldiers were laying on the ground dead. So Marc had to find a way to escape before the Nazis reaches the farm and kill everyone

They are pretty similar because both the movie and the book had the same emotions. They overcomed their fear and fight on to survive rather then get really scared and die. Also on both sides, they all don’t have parents. Usually parents are the people that protects the child and boosts the courage of the childrens but these kids didnt have any parents so it was really hard not to fear what was coming to kil them. Leaving their home is really hard since no home means no warmth. So Marc and the African kids had a lot of courage to leave their home and pray that they will survive the difficult life out there.

Mass Media and Me

Mass Media and Me

Many people depend on social media, for example if they don’t go on the Internet, they can get extremely bored and sometimes this can drive them crazy. This technology influenced many many people, from making them famous or changing their whole personality with just a click of a button.

The Internet truly influenced me greatly because when I get home the first thing I do is go on my computer and go on the Internet, for example I watch YouTube videos or play online games. Video game is a kind of social media is because you get to communicate with the people you’re playing with, but also you can make new friends. I many new friends just by playing League of Legends (MOBA game). These MOBA games are online and now they’re basically a sport (professional players). But these professional people are only famous because of how good they’re at gaming. If you take this game away from them they’re just some random person that not many people would care about. Just like any kind of social media.

Just by playing video games, I got less time to socialize with my family because I get really into what I’m playing. But just by playing this game, more people cared about me and looked at me as a really good friend because I’m good at it. When I watch YouTube it makes happy because the videos are really funny, so the video makes me laugh. But sometimes there aren’t any new videos to watch. My brother also watches YouTube, and sometimes I watch videos with him.




John Smith’s Perspective of the Climax of the Story I am number Four by Pitticus Lore

This is a diary John smith wrote about the perspective. The conflict is the Mogodorians is hunting him, and that the Mogodorians killed Henri (John Smith’s Guardian) , and so john Smith is really sad. But he got no one to protect him. He is all alone. Also this means that the mogodorians finally found him and that they are going to kill him soon. Now he got to get stronger so that when they come, John Smith can defeat them


The Prezi:

The Amazing Setting Of the Book House of Hades, By Rick Riordran


The setting is set in Taratus, and Rick Riodran wrote it like it was really really bad place to be, and on the other hand. They were in many beautiful places like Rome, Bologna etc… But i really think the setting of Taratus is just give me the creeps. There corpses everywhere. The air smells like gas. The water looks like fire, and also lots of demons and monsters around the place. The setting gives you this feeling that you would never want to be there for the rest of your life. On the other hand, they’ve been to many other places too. These settings don’t exist for example Camp Half-blood. It doesn’t exist in the real world. But this camp was built like an ancient Greece battle camp. There are tents made for demigods, and many Greek weapons and obstacles they used for training. There’s a lot of ancient Greek Ruins of buildings and statues. There’s also another camp called Camp Jupiter. It is a Roman Battle camp with Rome right beside them. There’s old buildings like the famous arena in Rome. Plus there’s a big city just like the Ancient Rome. These two Camps give you the warmth like it’s home. I think Rick Riodran did a really good job by making the setting really connect to the overall setting of the book. Ancient Greece and Rome with the Greek and Roman Myths. These settings makes me feel like these things exist in the real world but i just can’t see them. He put a setting of the old world of the Greece and Romans and gave you a place where it’s set in the modern world but cut off from the rest of the “mortal” world. But they interact with modern world places like the mall and streets where mortals live. It gives you the feeling like it is actually real.

Drawing of the Events That Can Go Seriously Wrong


This Shows That The paths she makes can effect her quest with her group. The First Path is a boulder smash into there ship and destroys it, killing everyone on the ship. The Second path is the Greek camp fights against the Roman camp, but the Roman Camp wins. The third path is Percy and Annabeth (two of the most important character) lying in front of the doors of death. But they can’t reach it cause they’re dead. That door can win them the war against the evil earth goddess Gaea. But Hazel Chose To do every single path without any bad things happen. So this quest now depends on her. This intensifies the story because now the we know what will happen if things go wrong, and the depends on Hazel to do many impossible things to stop any of these problems to happen.

House of Hades, Gif of total sadness

Here’s is the GIF as a link. file:///Users/andrew.yu/Desktop/gif/aWZng5n_460sa.gif  (the Gif is from


This Gif Shows that in the book “House of Hades” by Rick Riodran, there is 7 young demigods that has to defeat the earth titan Gaea before she destroys the whole entire world. They were so close on finishing the quest they have been doing for such a long time. But then everything goes completely wrong. There use to be the chosen 7 but then 2 fell into Tartarus (Hell).  Now the chosen 5 have to do as many ways as they can to get the 2 people that dropped in Tartarus. So the guy was just about to finish stacking those cards but then the cat sabotaged it, So it’s really sudden how everything suddenly went wrong, just like how the cat jumped out of nowhere.


Charlie Gordon Fakebook

Here is a fakebook i created for the characterisation of Charlie Gordon

the password is andrewisstupid9 (don’t judge)

The fakebook shows that Charlie is a very caring person. And even if they were so mean he didn’t care. He now is in New York so he can get away from the place he used to live. Making him smart didn’t really change who he is. But he only found out more about the world around him. He started to realize what world he’s living in