The Story of my Dot Me Diagram

The first “project” that we were assigned to complete as eight graders was a Dot Me Diagram. I thought that this would super easy and that I could just put some pictures, symbols and patterns on a colored paper. But actually, it turned out to take up a lot of time  – partly because whenever I tried to work on it at home, Canva (the website I created my diagram on) would take forever to load and once it did, kept saying it needed to reload after a few minutes, starting the cycle all over again, and also because I spent ages deciding on colors, icons, arrows and text boxes (seriously, I once spent half an hour choosing the background and border). 

Once I finally decided on my background, I decided to do a timeline of my life, which isn’t very hard to decipher the meaning of so I won’t explain it – unless you can’t read the color of the font I chose against my background, but that’s your problem. However, I will explain the symbols. First of all, the pug – I chose a pug because I absolutely love dogs and would kill to get one (ahem, mom). Not to be dog – ist or anything because I basically love all dogs, but pugs are probably my favorite dogs because of how adorably ugly they are. Even their name is cute. Next of all is the computer. My computer is so important to me since I use it for everything – I do homework on it, I watch tv shows and movies on it, and it’s like a headquarters for my phone and Kindle since I sync my books and music from it. Which brings me to my next icon – my phone. It’s actually not as important for me anymore because I used to read a lot on it but since I got my Kindle, I usually just play games and stuff on it. The book icon represents my love for reading, and the next is pizza, because pizza – does this even need an explanation? I love pizza because it’s awesome. The end. 

I feel that the quotes I chose are really cool – even though the one about surfing (“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf”) is mostly figurative since I actually don’t know how to surf.

Something I don’t like about my diagram is that it’s too cluttered. Individually everything looks okay, but once everything is crammed onto an A4 piece of paper, it starts getting squished. I tried my best to even it out though, and hope that once you read it, will get a better understanding of me!

Dot Me Diagram for Blog