A Recap of My Oh-So-Fabulous Blog Posts

So how has the first quarter of Humanities blog posts been for me? Well, to start with, there are my learning targets in each post. For the most part I follow the rubric and include the necessary requirements, but I still don’t have very obvious learning targets that the reader can instantly identify by reading my post. While I try my best to achieve a learning target each post, I still sort of fall short. My posts sometimes end up sounding more like a summary of my book, instead of addressing a certain learning target. I think I should definitely work on this and improve


Besides not being that successful at demonstrating my learning target properly, I also need to write more interesting hooks. For my past few posts, the hooks were kind of average and I didn’t really feel like it engaged readers. Also, my titles weren’t creative enough either (I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m not one of those artsy, creative types). Well, my self-esteem has officially reached a new low after writing and thinking about all the bad parts of my posts, so I think it’s time to move on to other things. On the bright side, I’m much better at quoting things in MLA format now, which is somewhat reassuring. In addition to that, I should probably get an award for being very good at setting the category to Humanities/the entire middle column of the rubric. Actually, that’s not really true – I occasionally forget to add a link to my featured image or some other silly mistake like that. Also, I think I should mention my grammar and GUM thing is pretty awesome (wouldn’t it be so ironic if I had bad grammar in this reflection right after saying that).


All in all, after writing this I have realized that I actually have a much harder time thinking up pros of my blog posts than I (vainly) initially thought while the cons are everywhere. I really hope that by next quarter I can say the opposite of my reading responses. But to do that, I need to majorly improve my “talent” of addressing learning targets. That’s not the only thing though – I should also have better hooks and titles. I feel that there’s still (quite a lot of) room for improvement and that I will try my best to get an even better grade for Humanities at the end of this semester.

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