Mass Media Mania

You are not allowed to use wi-fi, the internet or watch television for a month. I bet that sentence made quite a few of you shudder. I’m sorry for scaring you, but that just proves my point – people are addicted to mass media. If you’re thinking right now “Well, I’m not!”, let me explain to you what exactly an addiction to mass media is. It’s watching countless episodes of television shows everyday, surfing the internet looking at sites like Tumblr (cough, not mentioning any names but you know who you are, cough) and Youtube for hours on end, and scrolling/tapping for infinite amounts of time on your phone with glazed over eyes. Are you still thinking “Still not me!” – well, I’m just gonna super casually tell you that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Also, look up the word denial. 

To further help you on your road to recovery, I’ll share my own experiences with the mass media media that is currently sweeping the world. The first one is the internet – who hasn’t used this? Whether it be for school (yeah right – come on, let’s admit it, this is the least common use for the Internet) or for fun, we’ve all used it. After using it, most of us have steadily sunk deeper and deeper into the quicksand that is the Internet. One click leads to another page, which leads to some other link, to a super-interesting-new-post-you-just-have-to-see-right-now – it’s a vicious cycle. Of course, what I just described is totally not based on any personal experience. I just randomly thought that’s what someone addicted to mass media does. Seriously, I absolutely did not just spend basically this entire day sitting at home staring at my laptop with absolutely no recollection of what I did/accomplished after getting off – you guys me believe right? Right? ….Guys? Ok, well I don’t think I’m fooling anyone so I guess I’ll just admit the above actually did happen. 

Moving on from that humiliating moment that will never be mentioned again, is the next mass media – television. Sure, you might think “Who, me? I don’t even watch television! I haven’t even opened the TV in forever! I’m definitely not addicted to TV”. Cause if that’s what you think, let me just set you straight. Television is not all about watching the actual TV in your house – it can be done on a computer too.Television is the super awesome and addicting TV shows – Big Bang Theory? Modern Family? How I Met Your Mother? If you’re going “Oh yeah, I watch those”, how about this – sitting in front of your laptop clicking episode after episode on Youku, watching and watching each season of your favorite show as the time slowly passes minute by minute, then hour by hour. Ring any bells? Cause (sadly and pathetically), that’s kinda my life. Or, it could be the feeling of anticipation you get right after finishing the latest episode of a show, then experiencing that excruciating pain of waiting and waiting for a whole week (seriously, who made up that rule, that is way too long to wait for a 20 minute video). That, my friends, is addiction to mass media right there. 

This obsession with mass media is slowly but surely destroying civilization (sorry to interrupt, but is it just me, or would that just be the best start to a blurb of some dystopian novel or what – ok, gonna continue with this super dramatic sentence), and if we don’t stop our addiction now it will be too late. I, among a bunch of other people I’m sure (some of which won’t admit they have a problem and are in denial), are obsessed with mass media. It is unhealthy for our social and academic lives, not only distracting us from our homework and bring our grades down, but also taking up time you could be spending with friends and family. Even though I’ve realized that this has become a problem for me and that I should probably get help, it’s just really hard since mass media is simply really, really fun. I hope that in the future this mania will stop and that we can just get on with our lives without this horrible distraction.

PS to mass media: You know I still love you right? I didn’t mean any of those horrible things I said about you. Please forgive me!

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