Looking Through the Eyes of Montag


Jump forward in time to the far, far future – technology has advanced greatly, books are banned, and to enforce that rule, there are “firemen” who burn books. This is the life of Guy Montag, one of these firemen, in the exposition of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. For this post, my partner Jing Jing and I created three diary entries written by Montag to show his character and how it changes during the exposition. Since this book is supposed to be set in the future, we wrote the diary entries on an iPad (or any other futuristic tablet) to demonstrate the futuristic elements of the story, instead of the diaries you see nowadays in journals and on paper.

Farenheit 451 Mass Media Farenheit 451 Mass Media 2 Farenheit 451 Mass Media 3

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Links for pictures used in diary: first, second, third