From Idiot to Intellect

Charlie Gordon: the man who became a genius after his surgery. In Flowers of Algernon by Daniel Keyes, Charlie Gordon is a simpleminded 32 year old man with an unusually low IQ during the exposition. But then, after a surgery is done on him as part of a research investigation, his intelligence steadily increases, changing his character as well. 

To demonstrate this character change, I decided to create a magazine cover. The man depicted is from the movie made based off of this book, which was really helpful. Though on the cover, it says he became a genius, this is actually sort of an exaggeration since during the rising action he is still developing and has not quite reached that stage yet. In the first box on the left, I put a quote from the book that showed how stupid he was – there’s bad spelling, the language is childish, and Charlie’s literally saying that he wishes he can be smarter. Then, in the last box, there is a quote that shows how his intelligence has changed after the surgery – perfect spelling, formal language, and the content is the moment when Charlie realizes just how simple he used to be. The second box has a picture of him in the movie version, and the caption reenforces his character change.


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