Pouncing Onto Parabolas

A lot of times in math I find myself thinking “What does this have anything to do with real life?“. I’m sure you’ve done this at least once before too. Well, one of our units during Algebra 1 this quarter was Quadratics, and we learned that quadratics and parabolas can actually be seen and relate to real life situations. Since a parabola is basically the flight path of anything that goes up from one point and then comes back down at another point, you can pretty much say parabolas are all around us. You can find a parabola when there’s a water fountain, when you’re on a swing, when you shoot a basketball and when you ride a roller coaster that goes up and down. That’s right, math can also be involved when you’re having fun – besides the actual math classes though, which are of course, as you know, totally super fun as well. Besides learning about quadratics, I also learned about something called restricted graphs. An example of a restricted graph is when the parabola goes past the y or x axis. This would mean that whatever’s path the parabola is tracking would have either started behind the starting point or it went underground.

Anyways, I created a video about real life examples of quadratics using a leaping frog to show the relationship between the height of the frog leaping and the time it takes.

Featured Image: here

Leaping frog video: here

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