Minli’s Challenges Told Through Instagram

Everyone nowadays has used or at least heard of Instagram, right?  Well, people back in the time when emperors ruled China didn’t have things like Instagram. This got me thinking what if Minli, the main character in the novel Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, had an Instagram, an iPhone, and Wi-Fi during her journey to find the Old Man of the Moon? So, I decided to create an Instagram account for Minli here in order to see what the story would be like told through Instagram posts.  Enjoy!

Post 1:

This post is about the start of Minli’s journey, and the beginning of all of the future challenges she has to face.



Post 2:

This post is when Minli is realizing that this whole running away from home business has it’s downsides, like missing her parents.



Post 3:

At this point Minli has met her companion of her journey and another (kinda) main character is introduced – the dragon. The dragon plays an important part in the rest of the story.



Post 4:

Now Minli faces her second conflict: greedy, screeching monkeys that won’t let the dragon and her pass through a peach grove. Minli ends up solving this very cleverly and they manage to continue on their way.



Post 5:

This post is a continuation of Minli’s first conflict of feeling guilty about leaving her parents but wanting to continue on.



Post 6:

Another giant issue – she doesn’t know how to get what she needs to find the Old Man of the Moon, and is completely lost.



Post 7:

This is Minli’s final challenge she faces before moving on into the falling action and resolution, which is bumping into the Great Green Tiger. This is easily cleared up and she moves on quickly.



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