The Ancient Innovations

Writing poetry is easy, right? You know, cat in the hat jumped over a mat kind of stuff! Not. We learned how to really write poetry during our last unit, when visiting poet, Luka Lesson, came to our school to teach us how he does it. One of the assignments during that unit was to write an original poem, and mine was inspired by Luka Lesson’s poem, The Future Ancients. Enjoy!

The Ancient Innovations

They will find us buried under the crushed chip bags, squished soda bottles, and crumpled candy wrappers

Next to the forgotten Facebook posts, irrelevant Instagram pics, pointless Pinterest boards, and silly Skype messages

They will say we were the dumb ones

They will find a car and think it was a toy

They’ll scorn our shopping malls, houses, and schools

While they stand among the wreckage 3000 years later

The history books will say we were shallow and silly

They will put our junk food in a museum and call it poison

Next to clips of blaring pop music labeled as noise

And pieces of our money with the title: their God

With a plaque that reads “Machine Age: destroyed by their superficiality, greed, laziness, gluttony, and obsession with technology”

Buried under the deflated chip bags, squished soda bottles, and crumpled candy wrappers