Five Books To Be a Total Geek About

1. Sweet Evil Series by Wendy Higgins
A series about Nephilim: half human, half demon, who’s mission in life is to spread evil and sins among humans. These demons are the seven dukes, one for each sin, who are on Earth solely for the purpose of being the ultimate bad influences. What they didn’t expect to happen was one of those demon dukes would have a child with an angel. This child, Anna Whitt, would unknowingly become the end of all the dukes, along with a few other Neph. One of those other Neph, Kaiden, is pretty much one of those ideal ‘bad boys’, and his relationship with Anna is just too much for me to handle. I mean, it is too adorable! The last book though, was pretty much the best ending ever – you’ll have to read it yourself to find out, but all I’ll say is that I squealed a teensy bit, and I’m all too appreciative of Wendy Higgins for writing this amazing series.

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2. Arcana Chronicles Series by Kresley Cole
This is an absolutely amazing book! The story is about twenty-two teens, who are chosen by the gods every couple centuries to battle it out amongst each other – to the death. All these special teens have special powers based on the characteristics of their individual Tarot cards, so they can play their part in an ancient prophecy between good vs evil. One of those teens are Evie Greene: Poison Princess and basically ruler over plants. Sounds like a lame power to have, especially when that’s all you have to use to kill people (one of those people, I kid you not, is actually called Death), until you read the book and realize what she does with it – it’s pretty incredible. When her power is unleashed, nothing can stand in her way – yay for girl power!

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3. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
A dystopian novel about a girl who’s touch is fatal. That is a crazy good creative writing prompt, and the author took that idea to a whole other level. Juliette has been locked up since the day she accidentally grazed someone, thus killing them instantly- not allowed to touch anyone, until one day she is mysteriously released. The reason for her sudden release? The government wants to use her as a weapon. Let me just say, this girl is a human weapon. It can’t get any cooler than that. Just talking about it has gotten me excited to re-read this incredible book again.

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4. Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
A five story series about aliens. Yeah, that’s right – aliens. Don’t worry, it’s better than it sounds. A girl, Katy, moves to a small town, only to find her neighbor, Daemon, to be completely infuriating and arrogant, and it’s basically hate at first sight – that is, until they fall in love. I mean, that’s a cliché, isn’t it? The whole ‘a guy is introduced, and the main character and him hate each other, but as the story progresses, that hate turns into love’ thing. While this book definitely falls into that storyline, the author manages to twist it into something 100 times better than what I’ve come to expect from those types of books, in addition to adding in the element of aliens. Each and every book was just so utterly perfect and blew me away so much, that I practically inhaled all five books. I probably would have read all of them in one sitting if unnecessary matters like ‘sleeping’, and ‘eating’, and ‘school’ hadn’t gotten in the way. Pretty sure I was just the tiniest-bit sleep-deprived while reading this series.

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5. The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel
 This was just amazing and awesome, but also emotional and sweet. Not to mention phenomenal – this book is everything to me. After a vicious battle in the far, far, future, only a small group of survivors were left. These survivors were split into two opposing groups: the Westfalls, who believed in democracy, and the Lattimers, who thought one person (themselves), should be in complete control. The Westfalls lost. Ivy Westfall, the granddaughter of the original Westfall is promised to marry Bishop Lattimer, the son of the current president and grandson of the original Lattimer, all so the peace can be kept between the two sides. The only catch (besides the two of them being complete strangers)? Ivy has been trained and told since birth by her older sister and father of her ultimate mission: kill Bishop so her family can seize the ‘rightful’ power. However, after they get married Ivy unexpectedly starts falling in love with the heartless boy her father told her to expect – only, he’s not anything she was taught to believe. Urgh, this book had my emotions all over the place, and the ending was just too much cliffhanger-ness. I need, need, need to know what happens next, and I by this point I don’t know whether I should be thanking Amy Engel for writing a book so good that I feel this strongly about, or whether to rage at her for not releasing the second one yet. I am beyond ready for the next book, and am way too prepared to get my hands on it.

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