Words of Wisdom for Eighth Grade

Transitioning into a new grade is always hard, so I put together a few tips for you future eighth graders to make it a little easier.

1. Do your homework
Your homework is incredibly important, and it really does help you understand what’s going on when you’re feeling all confused with what’s happening in class. Also, you’ll probably get in trouble for not doing it, which will then impact the teacher’s impression of you and, of course, your grade.

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2. Don’t procrastinate
While it might seem like a good idea at the time to push off your work till the day before it’s due, you’ll regret it later. Whether it’s studying, doing your homework, or finishing a project, plan your time well. If you know you’re busy on one day, just do your work earlier when you have the time, instead of leaving it until the absolute last second. Don’t waste your time doing meaningless things – you’ll thank yourself for it later on.

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3. Don’t panic and stress out too much
When you have a big presentation or test coming up, it’s completely normal to stress over it. That stress is what’s going to make you feel the need prepare and study for it, and will help you. However, it’s very possible to stress too much, so calm down – but then again, don’t be too calm. Find that balance between having a panic attack and doing absolutely nothing.

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4. Try new things
Just for the record, when I say this I don’t mean try smoking or something, what I mean is that you should reach out of your comfort zone and pick up a new sport or enrichment. You don’t always have to stick with your friends for every single thing 24/7, so it’s not necessary to do everything with them. That way you could even make some new friends too. It’s nice to expand your interests, and who knows? You might even end up liking it.

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5. Have fun and enjoy yourself 
This is your last year in middle school, so enjoy it while you can. Of course, this still means that you should make good choices and be super responsible and stuff, so don’t throw all those other tips out the window. Seriously, don’t panic – it’s going to be fine.


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