Into the Woods

What if in the future there was a special room for your children in homes everywhere, a nursery they could play in with walls that created whatever scene you wanted, that was so lifelike it was like you were there? Well, that’s exactly the future that’s described in the short story The Veldt by Ray Bradbury. Inspired by The Veldt, I wrote a creative writing piece describing my own version of the scene in the nursery, a creepy, haunted woods, with a distinctive mood using connotation. Enjoy!

Someone had forgotten to lock the nursery door again — the door was cracked opened, a sliver of light crept out, muffled sounds slinking through the gaps. This would surely disturb the happy family fast asleep down the hall in their Happy Life Home. The door slid open smoothly, the carpet soft and plush. Then, the walls sprang to life…

A strip of glowing moon sneaked through the branches, illuminating the beaten trail stretching out into the vast darkness. Frigid wind swept past, a bitter chill rustling the few dry leaves still clinging onto the arms of the monstrous trees. Then silence. The gloomy limbs swayed, almost as if beckoning out towards any unfortunate soul who happened to chance upon them, as if ready to grab you. The trees were dressed in shadows, looming out with their gaping black smirks. The forest seemed to never end; towering silhouettes shadowing the ground, the starless sky circling overhead, and screams echoing through the wind.

Wails, whispers and moans of the dead floated in the breeze. The souls of the animals and people who had been here before screamed their silent screams with each gust of wind. The complete absence of life in the barren woods, without a single living being making a sound, was unsettling. Then, up ahead on the trail, a stream of moonlight shifted and shone onto the ground, exposing something that had lay hidden in the shadows up until now — a dying deer lay on it’s side, her throat slit, fresh blood bubbling out. She struggled to look up, the luminescent moon the last thing she saw before closing her eyes for the last and final time. It suddenly seemed like there was an invisible killer haunting the woods, hiding among the shadows, ready to pounce onto it’s next poor victim.

The shadows grew longer, the darkness sweeping over everything.  The moonlight’s cruel rays frowned down, catching hold of the skeletal trees, bathing them in an eerie, silver light. The thickness of the menacing darkness seemed to be to be too much for any sort of life other than the sinister trees, hiding among the shadows. A heavy layer of mist crept in, slinking through and trees slimily, casting what little you could see in a murky, hazy cloud. A wolf let loose a desperate cry in the distance — at last there was a sign of life. That is, until it was abruptly cut off in the middle and it was silence once again. The malevolent presence settled on the forest again; the moon continued it’s harsh glare, the bitter wind raked past the bare branches, and the fog continued to descend upon the dilapidated path.

The walls had suddenly became blank again. The nursery was completely dark now, and everything was still and quiet in the Happy Life Home. But far, far, away you could still hear the echoes of that haunted forest. Anyone and everyone was prey in those woods.

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