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MR. SCREAM (Ice-cream Project)

Project partner: Sonia Z.

We have been working on a project based on our unit: Geometry. Our goal is to design an ice cream that we think is the best.

This is our final design/pitch:



*Changes/corrections will be made afterwards*

Love at First Sight — (“Stay With Me” Paul Griffin)

Love at First Sight — (“Stay With Me” Paul Griffin)

Blog Post – Exposition

The novel “Stay With Me” written by the award winning author Paul Griffin is a story about first love that’s both heartbreaking and up-lifting. Griffin was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults Top Ten nominator, an Amelia Bloomer Project Award Winner and many more. In the beginning of the book, it already shows that the main character Mack Morris is also an exceedingly handsome, considerate and quite a heroic boy. Mack is also high school drop-out. Even though he is not as intelligent as other boys, he has other talents, such as training dogs. The entire book is written in a diary format, it changes every few pages to different characters and how they look at things in different perspectives.

In the first few pages of the book, it tells a story about how Mack saved a pit bull and got in an accident. He would do anything for the pit bull. “The van jerks out of its idle and squeals away. They kick the loser dog out the back doors as they go… I stroke the dog’s muzzle. Her tongue hangs long in fast panting…” (Griffin, p24). To save the dog, Mack rushed in front of the truck and picked up the dog without hesitation. Unfortunately, the truck did not see both of them and drove away. Mack wrote: “Yet another truck crashed on the blind bend of the on-ramp just ahead…I’m wrapped in blood… my legs are shaking.” (p25-26). These quotes indicates that Mack would give up everything for the dog, even to risk his life. Mack is a valiant teenage boy that showed a lot of love and care for the stray dog, which soon became his pet, Boo. Céce is the other main character in this novel, Mack taught Céce ways to train and get a long with his pet dog: “Don’t talk to her (Boo, the pit bull). Don’t touch her. Not yet. For now, just ignore her. Let her smell you when I (Mack) call her over. I promise, she may drench you with licking, but she won’t bite.” (p56). This is a part in the book where Mack demonstrated strategies on how to not be scared around dogs. Mack is clearly the type of guy that every girl would dream for, even though he is a high school drop-out, he is patient, courageous and definitely a risk taker.

As mentioned before, Mack is the type of guy that every girl would dream for. Why? Because Mack is awfully good looking. People say first impressions are the most important thing that people focus on when you first meet them. Mack’s first impression to Céce was: “The door opens, and this guy comes in, kind of tall, clean cut, definitely nice-looking, but there’s something wrong with him. He strikes me as both wounded and perhaps a little dangerous. His eyes, He’s got a dark sparkle working there.” (p16). Céce was intrigued by the mysterious boy, the “delivery guy” that stepped in Céce’s door. Mack was diffident, he was too nervous to look at Céce without a blushed face. As the the story progresses, Mack and Céce became good friends, then lovers. They started a teenage love story that made everyone around them envious.

Mack is not only a nice looking guy with great training skills, he is also a considerate and helpful person. To others, he is always very thoughtful and thinking ahead of them. “You want to go for a walk? Hit the park maybe. There’s a couple of sweet hiking trials. I was gonna bring Boo, but it’s too hot. You like the country?” (p62). Mack was talking with Céce about taking a walk, but he plans everything ahead and asks Céce about her opinion first. Mack seems to like planning things ahead, and that is what makes the character Mack so smart even though he is a drop-out. Mack and Céce’s are very fond and passionate of each other. Mack wanted to do something special, so he bought a “diamond” stickpin for Céce. “I pull the stickpin from my pocket… I see it’s way not good enough for her. For the prettiest girl you ever seen, you need to do better than a junky piece of plastic that like a kid in fourth grade would give to a crush.” (p62). Mack gave Céce the stickpin and felt tremendously ashamed. This quote shows that Mack was trying his best to impress Céce by giving her that stickpin.

To conclude, the book used precise words and actions to express how Mack is a good guy, he risked his life to rescue a stray pit bull dog. He is good looking and has an amazing personality. The book explained how Mack was also the most considerate, patient guy. Mack is unquestionably the guy that stands out the most in the book and has the most appreciate looks and personality. But no one in this whole world is this perfect, will Mack change the way he is right now?



Cultural Revolution in Plain English

This is a common craft video on the Cultural Revolution.

Direct link to youtube:

ART: Cultural Un-Barriers Reflection

Final Reflection – “Cultural Un-Barriers”

Annie Yang 8-3

In our first project for art, we made cartoon self-portraits, our cultural identity stamp and background. First, we created a stamp that represents you and your culture. Then we traced the stamp on a thin piece of foam. After that, we cut out our stamps and started printing them on the backgrounds we made. We made our backgrounds (in A3 paper) by using items like toys, bubble wrap, and things with cool patterns on them. We then put our stamps on our backgrounds. When we decided where our stamps go, we picked another stamp (made by 8-1) and used theirs as a decoration on our backgrounds. The background is for our self-portraits.

The stamp and my background represent what I really love to do and things I am interested in. For my background, I used the colors purple and blue (my favorite colors), I love to play with bubble wrap and toys so I incorporated them in my background as patterns. For my stamp, I drew a cloud as my outer shape design because I love to travel, and I enjoy the feeling of “freedom”. I drew an airplane in the background because it symbolizes traveling (I love traveling in Europe). To make my stamp more interesting, I wrote “BREAK FREE” on top of the airplane because it also symbolizes freedom. “Break Free” is also a song title by Ariana Grande. I am a huge fan of Ariana Grande and I love listening to music, so I added that on my stamp. Traveling and Ariana Grande are things that I really love, so I chose those 2 things to represent my cultural identity. For the decoration stamp (made by 8-1), I chose Roanna’s because her stamp’s structure was very interesting and it was very relatable. She has 2 loud brothers at home (on her stamp, they represented sharp/edgy shapes), and her mother is the “peace-maker” of her family (she drew curvy round shapes). It is relatable to me because I have an older sister and we fight almost everyday, it is always my mom’s job to solve our problems.

I learnt a lot of things during this art unit. I learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator (which I never used before), the print making part was very fun and I learnt how to mix/combine 2 different colors and make them look good together. In this art unit, creativity is very important. I learnt how to brainstorm everything you enjoy and like, and put it in an image/pattern you created. It is refreshing to see how different everyone’s designs, also I learnt how to specifically critique other peoples’ designs. To improve and take my learning further, I would want to try using shading on my self-portrait, mixed more patterns on my background, draw out a more interesting and creative stamp.

During this art project, the most challenging process was to design my stamp, I tend to have a hard time combining all my ideas together into one image. I think I am not creative enough for my stamp. Another challenging process was the self-portrait, it was hard to trace/draw my face correctly and in the correct proportions. I spent a lot of time tracing and coloring my “person”, I tried using shades but I kind of failed. Overall, I enjoyed this project, I enjoyed making my background, and using (popping) bubble wrap. I loved creating patters on my background and decorating it with Roanna’s stamp. Things I enjoyed least was creating my stamp, I had trouble designing it and I personally is not pleased with how my stamp turned out. Hopefully in the end, my background, stamp and self-portrait put together will turn out better than I hoped for.


Cultural Un-Barriers Refl.

Cultural Revolution Journal Entries

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Dead at Last

Dead At Last

Sophia’s War (Author: Avi) – [Resolution] Multimedia Post

sophias war


  1. Never Give Up

I wrote “Never Give Up” because in the book, it shows how Sophia Calderwood (main character) would do anything for his dead brother’s revenge. She went to West Point (the main setting) to seek revenge. Sophia went through brutal challenges, suffered, starved, and she still had not yet gave up.

“Where was Washington? Where was Arnold? Who would revenge William’s death? Then I met Robert Townsend and everything changed. ”

(pg. 127)

 “Thus, I made up my mind. I would join Robert Townsend. I would become a spy.”

(pg. 146)

Because of seeking revenge, a mysterious man named Robert Townsend recruited her to become a spy. Every since she became a spy, she was living her life at the very edge. It was dangerous in NYC, British soldiers were everywhere. Sophia could of died any minute.


  1. Don’t Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy

The reason I wrote this was because Sophia was falling in love with her Lieutenant, John André. Sophia was 12, the “love at first sight” occurred on Sophia. Her Lieutenant is a charming guy with amazing green eyes. They developed a flirtatious relationship. Unfortunately, André ended up being the major for the British Army, also a traitor.


  1. Patience is All You Need

Sophia keeps on reminding herself to have more patience. Sophia and her family waited for (her older brother) William to come back from the army, but he never did. After William died (on a prison ship), Sophia tries to seek revenge. She could not wait even one minute. She spent each minute trying to plan on how to seek revenge and how to get John André killed.


  1. Desperation’s Other Name is Deception

As Sophia goes on her “revenge adventure”, she is also learning things. Sophia learnt that not everyone is telling the truth. At that time, it was a dangerous era, there’re armies and soldiers everywhere.

“Yes, it is hard to discover a truth. But it is much harder to be unable to do anything about it. It’s as if you know for certain a building will collapse and not one soulnot even those withinwill listen to your warning. Hearing truth makes many deaf.” 

(pg. 302)

 In order to save your own lives, you need to be able to lie and tell the truth at the same time.

These motifs all tie up with the central ideal because the purpose of the book is to let Sophia seek revenge for her dead brother. Sophia succeeds by reminding herself about patience, deception and mostly how to be a spy. In the end, *spoiler alert* Sophia’s plan worked just as she planned, she wanted John André dead. John André was sent to jail and was hung. Sophia finally seeks revenge and leaves West Point to start her new life as a new person.


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Journal Entries

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A Spy for Love

Spy for Love

Sophia’s War – Rising Action

What is family? Why is family so important? Family is love. Family is being there for each other, family is everything.

To Sophia, family is the most and single important thing for her. Especially her brother William. The book “Sophia’s War” is written by the Newberry Medal-Winning Author Avi. It is a novel talking about how NYC is in trouble, and is occupied by the British Army. Sooner in the book, Sophia makes the biggest decision in her life.

“The stench was overwhelming. I thought I heard sound of retching. Then, from somewhere, I knew not where, a thin voice called, “Who asks?”

“His sister.”

“William Calderwood,” came the voice, “died two days ago.”

(Avi, pg. 117) 

This quote above indicates that Sophia’s brother, William, died 2 days ago on the prison ship: “The Good Intent”. Sophia’s world collapsed. The violence of the revolution caused thousands of soldiers die, and Sophia’s brother was one of them.

“Where was Washington? Where was Arnold? Who would revenge William’s death? Then I met Robert Townsend and everything changed. “ (pg. 127) This quote identifies how important family is to Sophia. Sophia’s brother was killed on a prison ship and she is seeking revenge. Robert Townsend is a mysterious man that kept “bothering” Sophia. He wants to recruit Sophia as a spy in NY. “Thus, I made up my mind. I would join ROBERT Townsend. I would become a spy.” (pg. 146) This part of the book shows that Sophia agreed to become a spy and help her country. To become a spy, Sophia needs to live in the British headquarters as a young servant. Robert Townsend said. “Within such a place there must be much unguarded talk. Papers left about. The like. All you need do is look and listen. An opportunity not be missed.” A spy’s job is dangerous in that period of time, if a spy gets caught, he or she will be hung.

Spies in NYC are very rare, most people wouldn’t want to risk their life to “contribute” to their country. Because family is so important to Sophia, she decides to take on the role of a teenage spy. Sophia, as a young servant, discovers that an American general plans to switch sides in a plot that will irreparably damage the Americans if they succeed. “By all logic, “Mr. Moore” was America’s most successful general, Benedict Arnold. And he was selling West Point to the British.” (pg. 190). This was shocking news for Sophia. If West Point is sold to the British, they would have more control of America. Sophia had to stop them. She resolved to avenge the army for William’s death, and stop this treachery. With this plan, she was ready, but she was alone. She is a teenager, she had no help, no money, and no food. If she runs out of time, and fails, killing her is the only choice.

To conclude, Sophia becoming a spy is the climax and the plot twist of this book, it shows that Sophia is trying to help her brother, and save her country. In the story, Sophia becoming a spy was the main twist and change of the book. Sophia’s job was to look for papers or letters that was lying around in the supreme commander’s house (of the British Forces). With no help or money, can Sophia still stop the plan?


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Caught in the Middle of War and Love

Caught in the Middle of War and Love

Sophia’s War — Exposition

The historical fiction novel: “Sophia’s War” written by Avi is a book about how NYC being occupied by the British Army and how a 12 year old girl becomes a spy to save her brother’s life.

Sophia Calderwood, a brave, independent and self-defensive teen girl that lives in the dangerous New York City in 1776 with her parents. The revolutionary war in America keeps going, the powerful British Army newly occupied New York City. Her brother William was being held on a British Prison Ship. Sophia loves her brother and wants to save him, so she finds various ways to rescue William, even when she is risking her life.

Sophia Calderwood, the brave 12-year-old girl, which would almost do anything she can to save her beloved brother’s life. William Calderwood, as Sophia describes: “our young fox” and the heir of their family. “. . . with the coins held tightly in hand, I headed north toward the King’s College and, hopefully, William.” (pg. 87) Despite that Sophia is only 12 years old, she has already gotten a job. Why? It is all because of William. Sophia wants to earn enough money to bail her brother out of the prison ship. Everything that has happened in the book, Sophia was doing it alone, she is a very courageous girl. She knows it is dangerous because there is army and soldiers on every street, but once she is dedicated to something, which in this case, trying to bribe soldiers to bail William out of jail; Nothing else matters.

Being independent is a very important thing about life, and growing up. Sophia is a very independent and self-defensive girl. She defends herself and her brother, and she will never give up rescuing William, even if she is doing it alone. In the book, Sophia wrote: “I stood unmoving for a while, dumbfounded, angry, and tormented, all of which rendered me incapable of deciding what to do.” This indicates that Sophia was alone, in the icy cold weather, trying to visit his brother in the “Good Intent” (A prison ship’s name). Even though Sophia is still very young, she is already independent, her mother has to take care of her wounded father. Sophia is already taking care of herself, earning money, traveling through town by herself with no friends or family. In these situations, Sophia is very independent for a 12-year-old girl.

In the dangerous New York City, conquered by the British, there is army everywhere, men were being hung everyday. Sophia, alone, traveled to different jail ships and attempted to bail her brother out of prison. Sophia was very escorted, she had no friends, barely any money. With those setbacks, in the end, hopefully Sophia will make it to the bright side.


Mass Media and Me

Mass Media and Me Reflection

From the day I was born, and was brought into this world, the Internet, has always been part of my life. Internet, this magical “invisible” thing that just makes people so addicted. The past couple of years, social media took over the world. Everywhere, no matter where you go, what website you go on, they all have something in common – there is always mass and social media.

People (no matter how old) these days all own smartphones, computers, IPads, IPods whatsoever, but the Internet is like the “mother” or the “king” of all this (in my opinion). Since when I was young, television was my first media source, it was like the coolest thing on Earth that time. Computers influenced and impacted me when I was still pretty young. In second grade, I would go off in my dad’s office and “steal” his computer, and start playing games, watch cartoons. That time, I thought I was the coolest and swaggiest kid because I owned (actually my dad’s) a computer. Today, computers could allow you to do so many things, all because of the INTERNET. From 5th grade till’ now, 8th grade, I spent so much more time on the Internet rather than socializing with friends or my family. Of course, I am socializing on Skype everyday and sometimes it gets distracting. But the Internet is just that powerful and addicting, it just “sucks” you in and you suddenly are in your own zone, not caring about a thing around you. My parents would often scream at me about how I spend too much time on the Internet going on websites like Instagram, Tumblr, Skype and way more. I couldn’t be doing all this without 24/7 endless Wi-Fi, you just get so attracted, you don’t even realize you are wasting too much time on looking at something like 9gag, funny news articles, celebrities without makeup, Kim Kardashian’s new “Kollection”, Ariana Grande, or something, I don’t know.

Teenagers my age prefer to have the newest, the better, the more expensive type of media or technology (just to show off or brag). Well, let me give you an example; the newest IPhones that just came out recently: the IPhone 6 and the IPhone 6+. I mean sure, I would also want to own one myself, but what is the point? I feel like if I get a newer, better phone, I would spend more time on it and just wasting my life on some new, trendy phone (I would totally enjoy that by the way). Phones are the same as computers, but smaller. Phones could do everything. It allows you to download apps, music, pictures, and video games. Video games are the most popular “trend” among kids my age. The most addicting game I ever played in my life is called “Flappy Bird”. When I get bored, or I’m taking a rest from doing homework, I start playing Flappy Bird. I often play it with friends to have a competition on who gets a higher score. I got 75 points, hah, beat that. Video games might be a bad thing for some people, but it is also a good social media. Games could teach you how to cooperate, socialize (online), and teach you different strategies. Video games are a type of mass media because I think mass media are things that grab people’s attention by using visuals, sounds, bribery, everything. Most video games have those things included in them. These few months, I sometimes stay afterschool with my friends, socializing (finally). I see boys in my grade and maybe high schoolers sitting on the couches in the cafeteria, playing Call of Duty, League, I don’t play video games so I don’t know what other video games there is. The guys play on the couches in the cafeteria, shouting at each other because they just lost a battle/fight or something. Video games are like the Internet, you could get addicted easily and you always think: “Oh, this is going to be my last round, after this round, I’ll stop playing and start doing my homework.” But after a few hours, you are still battling and fighting, thinking: woops. People, not only teenage boys get addicted to video games. In most video games, when you finish a round, you break your record, the game might ask you if you want to share you score on Facebook, on game center or whatever. Today, tries every way they can think of to advertise and to make people join and make you addicted very fast.

Just like I said before, television is my first media source, it brought me a lot of joy, it made me feel like such a cool kid. When I was still young I got pretty attached to watching television and it certainly grabbed my attention (which is what mass media does). I watched TV with my sister, and my mom would set a time (like around 30-45 minutes), and I would get so attached that I barely listened to her. I use to love watching different commercials, I thought the animation was very cool, the background music was good and it was entertaining. I got so obsessed. This type of mass media made me think that there was no other media source that was cool than TVs. Now, I never watch TV (unless it’s “The Voice” or some dating show that I enjoy watching with my mom). In my opinion, I think computers are better than TV because when you need to re-watch a show, or you missed the time that starts, you could always go on your computer and watch it again. For TV, you cannot go back or re-watch, if you missed it, you missed it.

If people, not only teenagers get asked a question: “Would you survive without the Internet, social media, or any type of mass media?”, probably most people in the world would say no. Which for me, I would say no too. Social media and new technology is taking such a big part of my life, I cannot just get rid of it all of a sudden. People my age barely read any newspaper, which I agree again. People learn, research and look at any type of news articles on the computer or on their phones. People create websites, blogs, Internet based radios, music, news and magazines. Who still needs to read the newspapers? Advertisements that appear on websites, or QR codes are all types of mass media. Any information can be easily broadcasted and advertised because of people all around the world uses it, and it is also cost-efficient (you don’t need to spend money to buy newspaper or magazines everyday). No matter if it’s video games, Instagram, YouTube videos, TV shows, dramas or what, it is what everyone is doing right now, like this blog post I am writing right now, while socializing with friends on Skype. Mass media and social media are taking over the world, like bandwagon, everyone needs to get the most trendiest and the best. It has impacted already the whole universe, so what is the point of carrying on? What is the point of earning more money, but ruining more lives?

In the future, I think more technology will be created, and will be more “high class”. I personally think spending too much time on mass media, the Internet, phones, computers is bad. I believe that in the future, the Internet would be broader and will have Internet everywhere. I guess people should start socializing (in real life, not on the internet), stop looking at their phones and computers, close the Internet or TV at home and start looking up.


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