Wings of a Butterfly

         *SPOILER ALERT!   “I let go of my wings. Not a nosoul. Not a butterfly. A thousand years from now, even if I was never reborn, people would remember me: Ana Incarnate” (Meadows *Kindle 3760).   Wow! I can’t believe this is going to be my last reading blog post for the year! For my last… Read more →


What are your especially proud of with this project? Explain or give examples. It was my first time using mainly Pages for a major project, I never really used it, and I had to figure out how to do a lot of things. The first thing I tried on Pages was making the infographic. I learned how to draw your… Read more →

Ana Incarnate

Below is a fake obituary of Ana, the protagonist in the novel Incarnate by Jodi Meadows. I followed the guidelines from two websites to write it:   Ana was not an ordinary girl. She was the first newsoul in Heart, the first step of change in Heart. She died at age 87 on the second day of the 400th Year… Read more →

Newsoul Returns

Above is a fake newspaper article that I made to show the characterization of the main character, Ana, in the spectacular novel Incarnate by Jodi Meadows. In the article, it mentions a little bit about Ana’s appearance (there wasn’t a lot of information about that) and more about what people thought about her. In the novel, for thousands of years,… Read more →

A Light in Darkness

  “How do you see light against light?” (Kelly 175). “It was only as darkness crept forward that for a few moments in time, the faint crack of a bright, shimmer silver contrasted against the void” (175).   Above are 3 print ads that I created to advertise the book Lailah by Nikki Kelly, the first book of the series… Read more →

Polymer Project Journal 5

This is our Mr. Cap Infomercial:   I can’t believe it’s over! After a few more tries, our product actually worked being the cap of a pen. I left the polymer on the pen for quite a while, and when I tested the pen, it worked. However, we didn’t exactly meet our goal though. In the beginning, the polymer was… Read more →

Lailah’s Snapchat

  (From left to right; top to bottom: 1,2,3; 4,5) *Spoiler Alert (This may be very confusing for you if you have not read the book; you can read my previous blog to find out more about Lailah… click here). “Light and dark can never coexist; they are two separate forces. One will always overcome the other. If the day… Read more →

I Am Human, Aren’t I?

  This is a letter written from the perspective of Lailah, the main character of the book The Styclar Saga Book 1: Lailah by Nikki Kelly, that shows the conflict (internal conflict) of the book. Until she met Jonah and Gabriel, Lailah, first introduced as Francesca, was pretty sure that she was a human being. Other than the fact that she… Read more →

Polymer Project Journal 4

  We did it!……………….. I think. :/ We just had our last, L-A-S-T, class to work on and finalize our polymer product. We followed our guidelines of making the polymer #2 (look at the slide 2, the one with the yellow star), and made more of it. However, it did not turn out the way we expected it would, the… Read more →