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A Small Problem can become Real Big

Conversation 1: Philip and Ms. Narwin
Conversation 2: Philip and Mrs. Malloy and Mr.Malloy


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Multi Media

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Benjamin and Mukul 8-2

The book “Nothing But The Truth” is about a 9th grader named Philip Malloy, he is a fast runner but the school was stopping him from joining the school track team because his grades were too low. The grade he needed to improve was his English, but the problem is Ms. Narwin, his English teacher is very strict. Philip Malloy was trying his best to get out of her classes, so he purposely starts to distract the class. The message above was when he was humming the National Anthem when they play it every morning, and the rules were keep quiet when they play, and in English class he will make jokes when they are learning. But when he was telling his parents, he told them that he was singing, not humming, and he was half telling the truth half telling lies. He is trying to make his parents dislike his teacher so he would be able to switch out of her classes. But he didn’t know things would turn out this big…

Dot Me Diagram Reflection

Hi, My name is Benjamin, I am from Taiwan and here is my Dot Me Diagram Reflection.

By looking at my 5 symbols, you can see that I enjoy sports a lot. My favourite sports are basketball and soccer and running so I used those 3 to symbol sports. I used a computer symbol because I also enjoy playing video games on my computer; my favourite game is League Of Legends. The last symbol is sleeping, I love to sleep, I can sleep anywhere in my house, even on the floor.

This is my first time doing the words in a shape thing, it is a website called There are much more shapes on the website, you can pick your own words, fonts, shapes etc. It is a very good website, hope you try it out.

The 3 books I recommended are my favourite books, I read Indian In The Cupboard in 4th grade but I thought that was a very creative book so I think people would still like it. Divergent and Side Kick was from last year, those 2 books were panda award books and it comes out they are very good books. Side Kick and Indian In The Cupboard are fantasy books, and Divergent is sort of like a fiction book. I recommend you guys to read these 3 books.

Making this poster was very easy, I finished it in 2 days when we got 1 week to do it. I think overall I explained everything pretty well about myself. I told people the most important things about me. The only thing that got me frustrated was when I forgot to save my thing, so I had to restart it and it took me a long time to get all the words in. The advice I have for the next year people are if you are doing this poster, there are many websites that makes poster for you; all you need to do is write down some things about yourself and boom! Finished in 10 minutes.

Reflection: Everything is Remix

Everything is Remix


First of all, I agree everything is a remix after watching the videos in glass. There were so many good songs in that time but it was copying another song. It wasn’t just songs that were being copied, movies were copying also. The videos showed us that the famous Star Wars scenes copied movies from the past. There are probably much more movies that copied a movie. But in movies, they copied but I’m sure the story won’t be the same so they could be still kind of creative.

After watching the videos, I don’t really think a lot of things are creative because 100% they copied from something else. Nothing is creative now because the things we think of now probably already existed. I don’t really like copying others or others copying me, but sometimes people get the same idea so you can’t say who’s copying whom. I think when people copy other peoples idea for movies, games, videos, songs etc. they should just pay them for copying or just give credits to them.


When you copied something, then transforming it, then combining it, you still copied but you might have made something better or worse. Some people don’t mind people copying, but the might be others that don’t want people to copy him. People could also get inspired, but if you created something that was similar, that is still copying. So my point is everything is remix.

Text to Self Conflict: Misunderstanding


In the short story “The Rules of The Game” by Amy Tan, the main character Waverly becomes a very good chess player for her age, she learned from a very skilled chess player named Lau Po. She wins many tournaments in the place she lived in (America, San Francisco). After winning tournaments, she becomes a famous little chess player; her mother stopped her from doing work in the house and just let her focus on winning chess games. And sadly his brother has to do to all the work.

But when Waverly became a little famous, her mother would start showing off to people. “This is my daughter, Waverly Jong”(101). In the book Waverly said that her mother said it to anyone that was looking at her. As the daughter anyone would be embarrassed, so Waverly decided to tell her mother to stop telling people that. But it was a bad move to say that, her mother got very angry at her, “ Aiii-ya. So shame to be with mother?” and “Embarrass you be my daughter?” (101).

Sometimes whe I talk to my parents, I might have said something my parents did not really like, but there are times when both my parents and I are thinking of it in a different way. Like if I said, “ How did you fail that, your so bad at it” in a sarcasm way, like I’m joking. She or He might have thought I was serious and they will say I was very respectful and get mad at me. So I think Waverly and my situation is like the same. This is my connection to the main character in Rules of The Game.TCZ_30BF-BB_1


Found Poem: San Francisco, China Town

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San Francisco ChinaTown
Author: Amy Tan

This is a poem I created from the short story Rules of The Game, in the book of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. In the poem i created, i only used 1 page of the short story and it was page 90, i though that page 90 was describing the place she lived very clear and you could picture it in your head. I did not put down the entire page, I just put down key words the author used to describe the China Town the main character lived in.