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Text to Self Conflict: Misunderstanding


In the short story “The Rules of The Game” by Amy Tan, the main character Waverly becomes a very good chess player for her age, she learned from a very skilled chess player named Lau Po. She wins many tournaments in the place she lived in (America, San Francisco). After winning tournaments, she becomes a famous little chess player; her mother stopped her from doing work in the house and just let her focus on winning chess games. And sadly his brother has to do to all the work.

But when Waverly became a little famous, her mother would start showing off to people. “This is my daughter, Waverly Jong”(101). In the book Waverly said that her mother said it to anyone that was looking at her. As the daughter anyone would be embarrassed, so Waverly decided to tell her mother to stop telling people that. But it was a bad move to say that, her mother got very angry at her, “ Aiii-ya. So shame to be with mother?” and “Embarrass you be my daughter?” (101).

Sometimes whe I talk to my parents, I might have said something my parents did not really like, but there are times when both my parents and I are thinking of it in a different way. Like if I said, “ How did you fail that, your so bad at it” in a sarcasm way, like I’m joking. She or He might have thought I was serious and they will say I was very respectful and get mad at me. So I think Waverly and my situation is like the same. This is my connection to the main character in Rules of The Game.TCZ_30BF-BB_1