Reflection: Everything is Remix

Everything is Remix


First of all, I agree everything is a remix after watching the videos in glass. There were so many good songs in that time but it was copying another song. It wasn’t just songs that were being copied, movies were copying also. The videos showed us that the famous Star Wars scenes copied movies from the past. There are probably much more movies that copied a movie. But in movies, they copied but I’m sure the story won’t be the same so they could be still kind of creative.

After watching the videos, I don’t really think a lot of things are creative because 100% they copied from something else. Nothing is creative now because the things we think of now probably already existed. I don’t really like copying others or others copying me, but sometimes people get the same idea so you can’t say who’s copying whom. I think when people copy other peoples idea for movies, games, videos, songs etc. they should just pay them for copying or just give credits to them.


When you copied something, then transforming it, then combining it, you still copied but you might have made something better or worse. Some people don’t mind people copying, but the might be others that don’t want people to copy him. People could also get inspired, but if you created something that was similar, that is still copying. So my point is everything is remix.

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