Daily Archives: 08/24/2014

Dot Me Diagram Reflection

Hi, My name is Benjamin, I am from Taiwan and here is my Dot Me Diagram Reflection.

By looking at my 5 symbols, you can see that I enjoy sports a lot. My favourite sports are basketball and soccer and running so I used those 3 to symbol sports. I used a computer symbol because I also enjoy playing video games on my computer; my favourite game is League Of Legends. The last symbol is sleeping, I love to sleep, I can sleep anywhere in my house, even on the floor.

This is my first time doing the words in a shape thing, it is a website called tagul.com. There are much more shapes on the website, you can pick your own words, fonts, shapes etc. It is a very good website, hope you try it out.

The 3 books I recommended are my favourite books, I read Indian In The Cupboard in 4th grade but I thought that was a very creative book so I think people would still like it. Divergent and Side Kick was from last year, those 2 books were panda award books and it comes out they are very good books. Side Kick and Indian In The Cupboard are fantasy books, and Divergent is sort of like a fiction book. I recommend you guys to read these 3 books.

Making this poster was very easy, I finished it in 2 days when we got 1 week to do it. I think overall I explained everything pretty well about myself. I told people the most important things about me. The only thing that got me frustrated was when I forgot to save my Tagul.com thing, so I had to restart it and it took me a long time to get all the words in. The advice I have for the next year people are if you are doing this poster, there are many websites that makes poster for you; all you need to do is write down some things about yourself and boom! Finished in 10 minutes.