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Bravery Can Be Built Up

Are you brave enough to sacrifice your own life for others? I think the theme of the Insurgent is Bravery because the main character Tris showed bravery in multiple situations in the book. Wroth writes, “I believe Jeanine Matthews wanted to see me,” (320). This quote shows bravery because in order for them to plan out their attack on Erudite, one person had to go find out Erudites plan. And Tris decided to risk her own life to save thousands of lives being controlled.

“I shot Will,” (151). This was another quote showing Tris’s bravery, because she did not have to tell other people she killed Will and cause Christina to hate her, but she decides to tell others because she did not want to hide this secret anymore. “I don’t want to die” (383). I’m not saying that Tris is not scared of anything. Just like everyone, even me, we all have fears. When I was 8 years old, my family was watching a scary movie. I was very scared because the back ground music made the movie very scary, cause you never know when the scary person pops out.  When Tris was afraid of being killed by the death serum, Peter helped her have less pressure. Over many different situations, I think Tris becomes braver and stronger. To sum up , I think Veronica Wroth’s message is “Bravery can be built up”





The Change of Peter


Wroth writes, “Let’s go, Stiff”(329), “That doesn’t make sense. He’s eighteen; he’ll find another girlfriend once you’re dead. And he’s stupid if he doesn’t know that(339). Peter was a mean and selfish boy, he liked calling people names and he always wanted to win no matter what. However, in important moments, he shocked me. When reading, I thought Peter hated Tris and wanted her to die, but the second when Tris was going to be killed by the death serum (Jeanine’s inventions). Peter saves her.

The death serum did not work on Tris because Peter changed the death serum into a paralytic serum. “Then the heart monitor stops beeping”(385). Jeanine believed Tris was dead since the heart monitor stops beeping. But Peter actually connected the wire with a dead person’s heart beat so it would look like Tris died. After tricking Jeanine, Peter quickly brings Tris to Tobias and the three of them starts to escape the compound. “Tris, you first”(389). When the three of them were running for their lives, Peter protected Tris and let her go before him so she wouldn’t get caught. I was not expecting Peter to save Tris because Peter and Tris were rivals in the book, so what Peter did really shocked me.

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Tris vs Society, Set of Memes

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.12.15 PM

Short Description of Meme #1

This is the leader of Erudite, Jeanine, she wants to control all the factions by making different kinds of simulations.


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.47.00 PM
Short Description of Meme#2
These are the factions she wants to take over.



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Short Description of Meme#3

But Dauntless and Abnegation wants to stop them, in order to stop them, they will need more factions to help(Amity, Factionless, Candor).


I created a multi media from the book Insurgent, published by the New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth. Because this is the second book of the series, the exposition of the second book continues from the end of Divergent. The memes shows the conflict of the book by first demonstrating Jeanine, the Erudite leader, wants to control the factions by making different kinds of simulation for different sort of people. The reason Jeanine wants to control factions is because she wants to keep the society under control. But Abnegation and Dauntless, are trying to stop Erudite from controlling the people in each faction. Wroth writes, “We can’t attack without Candor, I think, unless we have the factionless”(223). Just Abnegation and Dauntless obviously can’t defeat an overpowered Erudite. So they are hoping the faction less or Amity would help them.

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The Difference Between Singing and Humming


The theme of the book Nothing But The Truth is Truth; If Philip would tell the Truth of what really happened in class, this small thing wouldn’t have been so huge. But the truth was shown in the book at the end of the book. “I don’t know the words”(197 Wortis). It was when Philip finally admitted that he was lying the whole time to everyone, and not just the people he knew. Because of his lying, he made the school look like a mean school. He also made a good experience teacher Ms. Narwin, look like an unreasonable teacher to America.

In my opinion, the book Nothing But The Truth by Avi Wortis is trying to tell us “Always Tell The Truth”. Because in the story, Philip Malloy thought lying was going to be okay so he told his parents the teacher did not let him sing the national anthem. But he was actually humming the anthem and causing a disturbance in class. Singing, humming is a whole different thing. When you are singing, you are saying the words and following the melody and rhythm of the song, and everyone knows if Philip was singing, Ms. Narwin won’t kick him out of class. But humming is way different; humming is when you are not saying the words and making sounds that sound like the words. And when you do it very loud like Philip, it could get annoying. “Leave!”(71). I think Ms. Narwin’s choice of making him leave the classroom was correct, because Philip was just doing it on purpose and he actually doesn’t want to sing the anthem. This all started out when he heard he was not allowed to join the school track team because he failed on English class. Because of that, he wanted to get out of Ms. Narwin’s class so he could join the track team. I think if Philip should have just asked for more work to improve his grade on English, but he decided to start annoying the teacher instead of doing it the smart way. “To get my grade up- I was going to ask for extra work”(178). If Philip had done this before he was switched to another class, before he made this small thing a huge thing, the story would have been way different. We can’t really blame Philip’s parents for telling the reporter about this, because Philip was lying to his parents the whole time. So if you could blame, you must blame Philip Malloy.