Bravery Can Be Built Up

Are you brave enough to sacrifice your own life for others? I think the theme of the Insurgent is Bravery because the main character Tris showed bravery in multiple situations in the book. Wroth writes, “I believe Jeanine Matthews wanted to see me,” (320). This quote shows bravery because in order for them to plan out their attack on Erudite, one person had to go find out Erudites plan. And Tris decided to risk her own life to save thousands of lives being controlled.

“I shot Will,” (151). This was another quote showing Tris’s bravery, because she did not have to tell other people she killed Will and cause Christina to hate her, but she decides to tell others because she did not want to hide this secret anymore. “I don’t want to die” (383). I’m not saying that Tris is not scared of anything. Just like everyone, even me, we all have fears. When I was 8 years old, my family was watching a scary movie. I was very scared because the back ground music made the movie very scary, cause you never know when the scary person pops out.  When Tris was afraid of being killed by the death serum, Peter helped her have less pressure. Over many different situations, I think Tris becomes braver and stronger. To sum up , I think Veronica Wroth’s message is “Bravery can be built up”





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  1. Great job on making this such an easy-to-relate post, Ben. In my opinion, I find bravery as a very respectable quality. The explanation of bravery in the character Tris that you wrote reminded me of another character named Marji from the book Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Marji had to leave Iran due to bombings coming from Iraq. She had to leave her entire family and hometown to Austria at age 14. That takes bravery for a girl at that age. So I think that the character Tris that you described is a lot like Marji from Perspolis in that way. I do have a question though: Was Tris always this brave? If you think she did, how did she start out, how did she improve, and how does this link back to the theme?

    • As I said in the blog post, Tris was not always brave, she was afraid to die when she was going to be killed by the death serum. She started out as an Abnegation, they did not do things like what Dauntless did, no fighting at all. She got better by her friends and training in Dauntless, she was working very hard in all the training. Then after multiple situations in the book, she was braver than ever.

  2. Ben, I think that you did a good job on choosing this theme, bravery because is a good theme that really fits your book. The part you wrote how Tris was really brave reminded me of an older student in my old school that a showed bravery. The incident happen when there was a news that a student had lost a phone but they still haven’t found the person who stole it. But the student that stole it knew that he had stolen his friend’s phone but now one has known it was him yet. One day the student felt sorry for his friend and the mess that is going in school, so he decided to be brave enough to tell the teacher that he had stole the phone. The teacher was mad at first but was quite surprise at the end. Even though this student stole someone else’s phone, which is a bad thing, but I think that he still showed bravery by telling the teacher. A question I want to ask you: Beside “bravery can be built up” is there another theme that fits your book and why?

    • Another theme I think that can fit into the book is “Group is better than Alone”. Because in the book, they only got better when they were doing things as a group, not alone.

  3. I really like the meme below, since the image enhances the understanding of the post. It is crystal clear to me as well that Tris from “Insurgent” has enormous amount of bravery, because “Tris decided to risk her own life to save thousands of lives being controlled”.

    Tris’ bravery links with Guy Montag’s courage from “Fahrenheit 451”. In “Fahrenheit 451”, the government decides to dispose of all the books in the world and leave people with televisions. Montag is a firefighter, but firefighters in the book don’t really assume the role they do in the world we live on. They are meant to burn every pages of books, every pages of books hidden in houses. Despite his job, Guy Montag finds out the importance of books and decides to save them, save them for the people. He starts with small steps and later on makes big actions like running away from the cops just to save books. I find these actions taken by Montag requires huge amount of bravery. He risked his life for books, for the people when no one even dared to do that.

    Benjamin, if you were Tris, would you have taken those risks like telling others you shot someone? Why?

    • I would not take this risk because I don’t know if the friend would forgive me or not, because everyone is different. Especially when the person who died is your friend’s close friend.