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Learning With Gifs

“I owe them two thousand pounds”(23).


Ian’s life destroyed


“I know what you’re after!”(101).


“Where in god’s name are you, son?(105).


Did your parents hide any secrets? Well, in The Defender by Alan Gibbons, Ian’s dad was hiding a giant secret. Gibbons writes, “I owe them two thousand pounds”(23). In the first gif, Ian’s dad decided to tell Ian his secret because he thinks he should be old enough to know this. Another reason that leads to it, is because the people he owed found where they lived. The second gif is just showing how shocked Ian was, because he could not believe what his dad did. The bad part is, Ian’s dad already spent more than half of it, so it was going to be impossible to pay back the money owed. The third gif was when Ian was running away from the 2 Irish men that decided to chase him instead of his dad. Because they knew if they capture Ian, money will come to them in no time. “Where in God’s name are you, son?(105). This was when the 2 Irish men have already caught Ian, but Ian’s dad still has no idea. But…  078955 27707 (Peter Moore a.k.a Ian’s dad phone number).


Make gif stories easily: That’s So!

Independent Reading Overall

Oct 15|2014

Reading and summarizing a book is super easy. But when you are trying to explaining a person’s characterization, themes, the setting or the conflict of the book, etc. It becomes way more challenging. But that’s what we learn in grade eight Humanities, using different ways(Multi Media, Text Connections,etc.)  to show understanding of the book better.  The learning targets I have started working on for quarter one are conflict of the book, character development, and relationship between a character and the theme. To be true, I feel like I would need more practice on all three of these because I have a feeling that I can do even better than right now. Out of all three of these, the easiest for me was probably explaining the conflict of the book. Because conflict is just the problem, and every story has a problem. When doing these blog post, I need to practice on doing more text-connections, because doing the text-connections would help me have a better understanding of the chosen learning target.

When reading Nothing But The Truth by the author Avi, I made two post about the theme and the conflict of the book. When writing the post for the theme, it was not as challenging because over the years in school, we have been writing about authors message and the main idea. So writing the theme of the book was easier than most of the other ones. For the conflict of the book, we had a partner for this post. Mukul and I decided to do a multi media about the conflict of the book. This was my first time doing the multi media blog post, it sounded like a fun and exciting activity, but it was pretty hard. I think I can do better multi media if I got more practice on it, because multi media on the computer is just not my thing.

For the upcoming independent reading blog post, I will like to continue focusing on the same three learning target and making it better. Of course, I will also work on other learning targets, but these are the main three I would like to improve on. I will also start putting good connections in my post so it shows a better understanding of the learning target.


Life in A Dangerous World



In the book The Defender by Alan Gibbons, Ian Moore’s life was as normal as it could be. He was just a regular fourteen year old teenager. “The reason he is back home at this time is because he was clowning around at school, trying to impress the girls in general and Vicky Shaw  in particular”(Gibbons3). He liked a girl in his grade named Vicky Shaw, and he tried everything to impress her just like any   other teenage crush. Grades didn’t matter for him, all that mattered to him was having fun. But when two Irish strangers arrived at his doorstep, his life was changed forever.

Ian finds out his dad owes the Irish people two hundred thousand pounds, that was the reason they moved places every now and then. “That’s enough!”(47). Ian’s dad was already prepared for this. But Ian was obviously not. Moments ago, Ian still had a regular teenager life, but now he has to delete his childish thoughts and acts. Ian has to start being mature in order for him to handle this situation. This situation happens a lot in movies when the main character finds out his/her parents owes money and they have to run for their lives, but this is real.

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