The Unexpected Ending

Many of you might think the conflict of “The Defender” is Ian and his father running for their lives(a.k.a person vs society), but what I think is way different. Gibbons writes, “For his secrets, for his past, Ian still hates him”, (123).What I think the conflict of the book is will Ian forgive what his dad have done(a.k.a person vs person). The reason I think that is the conflict of the book is because as a child myself, if my dad was a thief and was running away for his life. First, it would be hard for me to adapt to what he has done. Secondly,what my life will be like in the past years. Although Ian’s dad was a big thief, and Ian could not believe any of his dad’s past. I feel like after the truth was given to Ian, and the two of them running for their lives, Ian and his dad got to know each other better and they were much closer than before.

Gibbons writes, “Don’t argue, Ian. We’ve got this one chance. I don’t care how you do it, but find a first-floor balcony and jump. I’ll be there with the car”, (152). This quote explains when Ian was captured by the Irish people, his dad came to rescue him even though they were after his dad instead of him. During the situation, Ian and his dad were like partners, on the phone and telling each other what to do. Ian’s father coming back for Ian shows how much his dad loves him and does not want to lose him. “Dad, this is crazy”, (164). This quote happened when the two of them were running while people were shooting them from the back, his dad did not give up easily, he would try anything to keep his son safe from the Irish people. They didn’t only gain a better relationship while they are running. “The answer is yes”, (167). There were multiple times when they were safe, and in those times, his dad tries his best to tell Ian as much as possible. He tells Ian about him killing the person who hurt his friend and her family. After all these different sort of situations Ian and his dad had gone through, Ian forgives him. “All that time you were feeling bad, I never even knew. I was to busy having a happy childhood. So we had to move a few times? Big deal. It never did me any harm”, (187). Ian’s dad tells Ian that life would have been better if he didn’t do these bad things, but Ian claims that he was a good father and gave him everything he wanted. As a reader, I really liked what Allan Gibbons wrote for the last sentence of the book. “Time doesn’t take away the pain, but it can heal”

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  1. WOW! Ping Ling this piece of writing is very much like you in so many ways like your voice that shows your connection to the reader, “…(a.k.a person vs society), but what I think is way different” You also added a lot of description from the book and from you and I could picture the image in my head of Ian jumping off the balcony and getting into the car with his father. This story reminds me of “The Expendables 3” because even though Barney betrayed his original gang and recruited a much younger and crew the gang helped him not only solve the mission he was given and by doing so their relationship improved and forgave each other. Did it take time Ian to forgive his father for his crimes or was it something that happened instantly and they became friends after and how did this secret change Ian’s life?

    • It took them lots of different situations, because they got closer and closer every different time when they were escaping.
      This secret changed Ian’s life because he did not know why they had to move every few months or years, even though he moved a lot, he did not have stress at all, he was relaxed. After knowing the truth, he could not relax at all because he could die any second.

  2. I think that the image for your blog post has been chosen very well. The “Forgive and Forget” has very good synergy with the rest of the post, as it shows the main theme of your post: that even though Ian and his Dad had to go through so many things together, they forgave each other and in time, would forget what happened. I think I can sort of connect to this. One time, my family was hiking on a trail, and there was another trail that very obviously had not been used often. It was fairly rocky, and we got lost very quickly. Fortunately, we found our way out after a few hours. It was a terrifying experience. I was mad at my dad for a few days, as he was the one who made me go on the trail. but after some time, I forgave my Dad and forgot what had happened. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to forgive and forget? When? Why? What happened?

    • When I was seven years old, I was really mad at Santa Claus(parents but I didn’t know) because he gave me a music player for Christmas. But when the music player played songs I liked, I forgave Santa Claus and started liking the music player.