The Ice Cream Creation

It’s finally here, the world’s best ice cream design. My partner Ben S and I present to you the best ice cream design you’ll ever find. The video above is an introduction of our ice cream design, Enjoy!


(VPN needed to watch video)

2 responses to “The Ice Cream Creation

  1. Hi Benjamin,

    What a great commercial or advertisement for your Ice cream design project. The video shows details on how you made it and the procedures very clearly. The pros and cons listed at the end of the video was a great idea because as a customer it will be great to see the good and bad things about this ice cream. Last but not least, I enjoy seeing many different pictures so I could see how the ice cream looks like. However, I think that you and your partner should pause longer in the calculations, pros, and cons so I could finish reading it.

    My question for you is that why is the ice cream so cheap and has so many small digits?

    Nevertheless great video, great idea, and great ice-cream.

  2. Hi Ben,

    I find your ice cream particularly good looking because of the thick cone and the large amount of ice cream you get. I also think your pitch was ordered well in terms of video and how effective it was. However, I have some suggestions for it. I wouldn’t use images from the internet in the actual pitch. Slowing down the pros and cons sequence would also help, and also trying to find ways to solve the cons. I have a question for you: What was the planning process like? Did it take time? What factors did you have to consider?