Magical Powers

Do you believe in magic or super powers? Through out the rising action of the book, Gone, we discover many characters in the book have super powers. The conflict of the book, person vs. society, intensifies through out the rising action because we are given a ton of information. Grant writes, “I know it sounds like I’m crazy, but sometimes this light just comes shooting out of my hands” (155). The main character, Sam, reveals his secrets to his friends about his super power where he could shoot lasers when he becomes nervous. Not just Sam, but, Astrid’s brother, Caine, Diana, and Lana all have their own super powers.

When Sam and his friends were searching for Astrid’s brother, older members of “Coast Academy” arrived at FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) and took control. The leaders of Coast Academy were Caine and his helpers Drake and Diana. They seemed like good leaders, however, that was only the beginning. They slowly show their real side and become dictators, “That’s saying Caine and Drake can do whatever they want, anytime they want” (211). In the rulebook they created, it basically only benefits them.

Around a few days later, many problems start to occur, one of the biggest was the resource they had. Food, supplies, was running out tremendously fast, the children were all depending on the older ones. When Orc killed another person just because they disobeyed a rule, older kids knew something had to be changed. Except the problem was “You want to go demand justice from Caine?” (223). Grant writes, “I know what you want, okay? I know you want me to be the anti-Caine. You don’t like the way he’s doing things and you want me to go kick him out. Well, here’s what you don’t know: even if I could do all that, I wouldn’t be any better than him” (224). When Astrid tried to convince Sam to fight back, Sam tried to deny, because he was worried he would hurt others with his uncontrollable power. Just like how he burned his father’s hand off with his laser beam. Sam was undecided until Astrid said, “and reason number two: you have me” (225).

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Great blog post on rising action of your book. Lots of different types of quotes to support what you are trying to talk about. I also liked how you started out with a question because I also think that it is really tough to ask a good question that can attract the audience attention.

    After finishing reading the seconded paragraph about how some of leaders arrived at FAYZ ( Fallout Alley You Zone), they became dictators after awhile. This conflict reminded when I was playing a game of tag when I was in fourth grade. We started out playing basketball during the start of break time however, we got bored of it and decided to play tag with the 3rd graders. We had to play with them because not many people from our grade finish presenting there cultural identity project so a few of my friends were the only one playing the playground. We started out having a lot of fun but as the game progresses, the game turned into a huge mess. A a group of 5th grades came and asked if they could play. We heisted a bit but at the end we decided to let them join out tag game. Once they joined they started to make strange and unfamiliar rules. No tagging 5th graders leave the game if you are caught, No touch back, and all rules that we haven’t played before. My friends and I played a few rounds and decided to leave the games because of all the confusion. This is what happens we the older kids join and decided to dictate the game. I think that this connection from 4th grade can sort of relate to the conflict of Gone.

    The question that I would love to ask is: Do you think that the leaders of the “Coast Academy” will continue this dictatorship? And why?

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