Grade 8 Art

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A Great Day to Play A Game
Unit 1: Learning from Danny Gregory

I drew the soccer field outside of the cafeteria, this soccer field is very important to me because this was where I practiced soccer, played soccer matches for the ISB middle school soccer team from grade 6 to now. I remember scoring many goals in soccer matches on this field, you cannot imagine theĀ feeling of scoring until you have scored. It is just incredible.

This photo was taken from one side of the goals in an angle, the reason I did it like this is because I like how there are closer things and further things in the photo. I enjoy playing sports especially soccer or basketball, the reason I picked the outdoor sport is because I think there is more to draw in the background.

I briefly summarized what will happen in a soccer game for my writing piece: Starting on the field, waiting for the whistle to blow. Sprinting around the turf, waiting for a pass. Receiving the ball, then manuvering the opponent. Here it comes, the chance to shoot! Boom! Scoring a beautiful goal. This is my favorite sport, soccer.

This is my first time doing ink painting, I really like how you can put in different values to make your drawing more realistic. I think I would have done a better job without photos to help me, I clearly scaled a few photo at the wrong place so it did not look perfectly scaled like the actual photo.