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The Ice Cream Creation

It’s finally here, the world’s best ice cream design. My partner Ben S and I present to you the best ice cream design you’ll ever find. The video above is an introduction of our ice cream design, Enjoy!


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Credit Cards Could Be Useful and Deadly At The Same Time

During the past weeks, we have been learning about credit cards. To help us understand more about credit cards, we used the excel spreadsheet to do different sorts of testing/simulations. Spreadsheet is a very useful application that can make your life so much easier when working on data table. The reason they can create graphs so fast is because of formulas. Formula looks like an equation; type a few formulas and you can complete an entire page of complete data table. Spreadsheets are not only fast to make; it also makes your data very neat so it is easy to understand. In class, we played this life game about credit cards; we all had the same amount of interest rate. Everyone had a different amount of owed money, and it showed how some credit cards owed too much, after many years, they still cannot pay back the owed money. This explains how we should be using the amount that we can actually pay back, because the interest will continue to rise every day and you will owe more and more every single day.

In this unit, I learned credit cards could be very useful and deadly at the same time. Credit cards are useful because you can use as much money as you want in an amount of time. When it’s a big bill, the bank will help you pay the entire bill. No doubt, you still have to pay the bank back later, but the bank will give you an amount of time to pay back the money. No matter how much you spend, you will always owe the bank more than the amount borrowed because of interest. Interest is the extra amount of money you owe the bank, the interest of the money you owe will increase every month because the money is not paid back. Interest is how a bank earns money. If they only charge you the money you borrowed and not the interest, the bank will be bankrupt. When choosing which credit card to use, usually people would find the best deal. The lower the percent of interest, the better for the customer because they will be able to pay less. When using a credit card, don’t spend an amount you cannot pay back. If the money is not paid back over time, your life will be in completely disaster. I personally very enjoyed this unit, because this will help me a lot in the future when I receive my first credit card!

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