The Ice Cream Creation

It’s finally here, the world’s best ice cream design. My partner Ben S and I present to you the best ice cream design you’ll ever find. The video above is an introduction of our ice cream design, Enjoy!


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Polymer Project: Day 4

April 14th

Final Day: Reviewing Commercials

My heart beat increased tremendously as I walked into the classroom. Today was the day to present our product in front of our class. I started out a little nervous because my friend’s advertisement was very good. However, when our video was playing, people were laughing and enjoyed it. After watching our video, I felt a lot better about our advertisement since my classmates liked it.

After watching all of the advertisements, I personally liked Jisu and Ellie’s advertisement the best because their advertisement had lots of great stuff: impactful product, humor, informational, well almost everything that was needed was included in their video. It wasn’t only me who liked their product/advertisement the best, I could say the whole class enjoyed watching their video because they won the “Dream On” competition!

To conclude this polymer project, I think overall our polymer idea, design, advertisement were all very good. But there are still many things Matthew and I can improve on. For example, our polymer idea could have been a little more creative, like we could have made a blue-tag polymer or something. Secondly, the design could have been more unique than just a flat ball shaped polymer. In conclusion, I really enjoyed this polymer project because I had lots of fun playing with the polymers.



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Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.40.05 PM

(Image 2: Part of our video)


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Polymer Project: Day 3

April 10th

Creating Our Own Polymer

Since we have completed our polymer design, Matthew and me are now going to make an advertising video for our product, The CCC(Cool, Cup, Cushion). In our video, we decided to start out with problems without our product. Then we would tell the audience we have a way to solve this problem, and it was by using our polymer product! After introducing our product, we showed them how our product will solve the problem with an example. Lastly, Matthew and I did interviews of ourselves talking about the uses and pros and cons of our product, doing this would help the audience understand our product even better. Then of course, when you’re having fun, time goes by fast, and the class ended. I personally think the most difficult part of making the video was the recordings, since we kept laughing in the process for literally no reason.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.47.05 PM




Photo on 4-13-15 at 4.28 PM

(How it looks when it’s being used)


“Poof” And Your Gone

Would you like a world without adults, nobody telling you what to do? In the book, Gone, by Michael Grant, all the adults are gone in a blink of an eye. Here is a fake newspaper I created explaining the conflict of the book. In the exposition of the book, we are introduced to a fourteen year old named Sam and his two good friends, Astrid, and Quinn. Since they are currently one of the oldest on Earth, the children are depending on them. Grant writes, “Sam hesitated. If he showed them, crossed this line, he wouldn’t be able to make them forget it. They would keep at him till he told them everything” (44). However, no one knows, it’s different for Sam, he has and knows a little more than the others. In my opinion, the  conflict is person vs. society because Sam is deciding on whether he should tell the others what he knows and could do, in order for his friends to understand the problem.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.42.31 AM



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Polymer Project: Day 2

April 8th

Creating Our Own Polymer

After testing for another class session, we have decided, to make a cup holder polymer. In our minds right now, this cup holder polymer is used to help people when they are on transportation. For example, if they are on the car, they can place their bottle on the polymer. I think we already have our polymer completed and ready to go but we might need to re-make the polymer one more time just to make sure we have the right materials and their amounts. Our first goal was to make something similar to blue-tag, but when we were trying to make the blue-tag, we somehow made another polymer. Which is also the one we decided to use because we thought it was actually pretty cool. Below are some photos we took of our polymer.




Prezi Explains: The Significant Theme

Have you ever tried to suicide? In the book, Damage, by A.M.Jenkins, Austin Reid tried to suicide because of depression. Above is a Prezi I created to show how he overcomes depression because of a theme I thought of after reading the book, “There are many things that are just a tiny part of our lives”.

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Austin’s Life Is Back On Track

Is there a girl you really like and would think of her all day long? In the book, Damage, Austin Reid has finally found something he cared about. After Heather and Austin started dating, Austin could not stop thinking about her and wanting to hang out with her. Jenkins writes, “Sorry, I got things to do” (94). Austin’s best friend, Curtis, invited him to come skiing with him over Christmas break but Austin denied it, that showed how he cared about Heather way more than hanging out with friends.

Jenkins writes, “By the time a few weeks have passed, Austin is feeling almost like his old self again” (87). Life is currently looking very good for Austin, since he has found something he cared about, he would take any chance to see her. Jenkins writes, “Don’t be so cynical, baby” (95). Austin listened to all the cd’s Heather shared with him, he listened it so many times he could already sing random parts of some songs even though he personally disliked those kind of music. But if it was a way to become closer with Heather, he would listen to all of them. During the rising action, Austin and Heather’s relationship became even better, where they would meet up after Austin’s football practice for most of the time. Jenkins writes, “Everybody knows he and Kat broke up because she didn’t want to do it, and he did” (99). Heather and Curtis disliked each other, so Heather started to tease and complain about Curtis in front of Austin. Austin started to get a little frustrated but he knew what was right (let Heather say what she wants so the two of them would be fine). Even though it looked like he only cared about Heather, he actually also cared a lot about Curtis because they were best friends for a long time. Jenkins writes, “Tonight, his screwup kept a Bulldog drive alive. In Curtis’s book, that means he hand delivered them a touch down” (105). The two things that mattered to Curtis the most was Football and Kat, today he failed in a football game so he was very frustrated at himself. As a good friend, Austin would cheer him up and tell him to forget about it. Jenkins writes, “You’re the first guy I’ve let in my room. I never let guys in” (115). The relationship between Austin and Heather was probably the longest one according to Heather. Heather’s bedroom was like the most private place in her house, only she could enter, and she only believed Austin. They talked and talked, mostly about Heather because she is sort of selfish but Austin didn’t mind, he liked being with Heather.



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Polymer Project: Day 1

March 30th

Creating Our Own Polymer


Could you believe it? My team has been hired by the Inventions and Innovations Company “Dream On” to design a polymer product that will have a real-world impact! Today we were split into groups of two and each group had to create their own special polymer. Except the problem for Matthew and me was, what are we going to make? This question got us thinking; we currently don’t actually have any ideas yet so we decided to research a little bit. After quite a while, we decided we wanted to make a polymer that could stick things together, almost like a blue tag. This polymer will help stick something to another thing, for example if you want to put a poster up on the wall, you can use this polymer to help you. We would have many different colors of the polymer we are creating because different people will use it for different things, and some people might like this color, and some people might like the other color. We have our idea ready, but how are we going to make it able to stick with other things? We actually had no idea so Matthew and I decided to do different tests. We got our lab coats and got to work. Matthew got a little of everything because we weren’t very sure what was needed. After adding some glue, borax, liquid starch, and some cornstarch, we created something very weird. I think we might have added too much glue because it was very sticky and disgusting. Before we could try again, time flew by too fast, class already ended. For day 1, we only got one trial done and it didn’t really work out. I think this polymer we are trying to make is a little difficult, if we still cannot get it next time, we might have to find another idea.


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The Journey of Polymers

Day 1
March 9th 


Today we first read the graphic novel by Dr Seuss called Bartholomew and the Oobleck, we read this book because we were going to this lab about Oobleck later on in the class. In this lab, we made an actual Oobleck, it was sort of white and very sticky. At first I didn’t like touching and rubbing it, but after a while it became harder like clay so it was better afterward. ‪We learnt that starch and water created another substance.

My questions are: What are polymers? Why are they called polymers? What are the types of polymers?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.54.57 PM


Day 2
March 11th

Polymers Concept Map/Gloop

Today we shared our research about the questions we answered. We got to learn a lot more about Polymers after everyone shared their information that they collected. After sharing our information, we created a concept map with the App Inspiration. Lastly, we created Gloop. Gloop was another type of polymer, it was very bouncy and because of the food coloring, we all had different colors. I learned that polymers could vary in texture and properties. I also learned about their composition and monomers, their history, and where they can be found. Lastly, I began to understand more about polymers, what are polymers, Types of polymers etc.

My questions is: Are there different variety of polymers that are very similar as the Gloop?

Here is my concept map.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.50.05 PM

Day 3
March 16 

Boogers, Super Slime, Review

Today we did a lab experiment about Boogers and Super Slime, the Boogers were very sticky and it was very weird touching it and rubbing it at first. But after touching it for a long time it wasn’t very sticky. Super slime just as said was very slimy; it was probably the best to touch out of all the different polymers we tested. I learned that the Super Slime was pretty actually slimy and the Boogers start out sticky but if we rub it a lot, it is no longer disgusting and sticky. Now if we look at the names, the names are actually very similar to how it feels because the Boogers actually looked like boogers and looked a little disgusting. While Super Slime was actually very slimy compared to the other polymers.

 My question is: Is the test going to be hard?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.53.49 PM


Day 4
March 18

Test Day 

Today we took the unit test and it took us around the whole class period so that was all we did. I think I got most of my answers correct but I know I got like a few wrong answers after checking the notes myself. Since we only took the test, I don’t have any questions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.51.49 PM

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Cultural Revolution Journal: Life as a Student

The period of the Cultural Revolution lasted from 1966 to 1977, China’s leader, Mao ZeDong, began the Revolution so he could gain his power back. During the Cultural Revolution, Mao told people to destroy the four olds and stopped school running in order to form the new China. Wang Wu was a high school student but then decided to join the Red Guards at the age of 15.

The Cultural Revolution effected China tremendously. Firstly, Mao destroying the Four olds stopped a great chance of developing the country, Mao wanted to change everything so he set the order to destroy the four olds and anything that was western. Another decision Mao made a mistake on was stopping schools from running and making students become a red guard. Citizens could have been very smart if Mao didn’t stop school from running, after schools were opened again after the revolution, most citizens didn’t have the money to afford school so most of the population was uneduacted. Then of course Mao has done positive things, the most positive long term effect of Mao was that women had more rights and gained more power. In May 1950, Mao created the new marriage law which made men and women more equal. These 4 topics were the most important long term effect that Mao had on China.

There are things that changed and still remained the same in the Cultural Revolution. The economy grew rapidly because there were more productions made. More things were opened for China and which made people look forward to the new things outside of China. Life quality became better for people. However the western influences including webpages, videos right now are still banned from China. The Chinese government still doesn’t let China have the ability to access the western influences because they are afraid China will turn into a democratic country.

Even though the Cultural Revolution had already ended in 1976, there are still places today around the world that are very similar to the Cultural Revolution period. Socialist Republic of Vietnam is very similar to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. One year ago, there were violence activities happened in Vietnam. The violence activities were very similar to what the Red Guards had done. Both places decided to use violence to solve their problems.


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