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English Children’s Book: Dogs to Us

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You don’t have to love them, but please don’t harm them. I decided to create a children’s book that showed awareness to my social issue, animal rights on dogs. Following up with my research question, the goal of my children’s book is to help children understand what are dogs to us. Therefore, the title of my children’s book is called “Dogs to Us”. In my children’s book, I wanted to make the word choice as simple as possible because the target market audience was around 4-6 years old. The children’s book I created was inspired by Mary Peng, the guest that came to ISB, because she talked about dogs as our pets and how we should be treating them.

Since the target audience are young children, in my children’s book, I started out with why would we want to have dogs as a pet. Moving on, I talked about the benefits of having a dog by connecting to the children’s needs and concerns (e.g children’s want somebody to play with them). Then for the most important part, I went in more in depth on the dog and its feelings because the whole point was to show awareness to people who aren’t caring or don’t understand. To conclude, I ended the book with the message, “A dog’s life could be saved” because millions of stray dogs are either dead because of starvation or captured by dog meat eating restaurants. Therefore, the more dog owners there are, the more attention there will be for this particular social issue.