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A Small Problem can become Real Big

Conversation 1: Philip and Ms. Narwin
Conversation 2: Philip and Mrs. Malloy and Mr.Malloy


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Multi Media

(Skype Message)
Benjamin and Mukul 8-2

The book “Nothing But The Truth” is about a 9th grader named Philip Malloy, he is a fast runner but the school was stopping him from joining the school track team because his grades were too low. The grade he needed to improve was his English, but the problem is Ms. Narwin, his English teacher is very strict. Philip Malloy was trying his best to get out of her classes, so he purposely starts to distract the class. The message above was when he was humming the National Anthem when they play it every morning, and the rules were keep quiet when they play, and in English class he will make jokes when they are learning. But when he was telling his parents, he told them that he was singing, not humming, and he was half telling the truth half telling lies. He is trying to make his parents dislike his teacher so he would be able to switch out of her classes. But he didn’t know things would turn out this big…