Constructing water rocket day 4

We basically finished constructing the rocket so we just went outside to test our launch. Our first launch turned out to be pretty successful since it almost reached the other end of the court yard. We fixed the broken fin and tried launching it again. We record the launching:

Since no fin broke off this time, we were able to launch the rocket a few more times. Here is another video we took.

Nonetheless, our official launch did not go well. We later discovered that the ending tips of the fins got wet and became soft. These parts were used to support the water rocket to remain at the right angle for launching, but since they were soft, they could no longer support the rocket, and with a bad launching angle, our final launching failed.

Constructing water rocket day 3

We found out that the bottle we cut last lesson could fit into the other bottle, so we glued them using hot glue gun.


We brought the rocket to the sink and pour some water in it to test whether it leaks. There was one part that leaked, thus we covered that part with more glue. The joined part had no leaks when we did the second test. img_8934

After everything was done, we brought our water rocket outside for our first launch. The rocket travelled for some distance, showing our design was successful. Nevertheless, one fin broke off from the rocket, so we needed to glue it again on the rocket. Then we had another launch, but it wasn’t very successful since we didn’t find a good way to launch it at an angle and not to brake the fins at the same time. We will try to deal this problem next class since class ended there.

Here is the link for the video we took when we first launched our water rocket.



Constructing water rocket day 2

Today we brought the two bottles that we found suitable for making the water rocket. The curved surface is flat so the air could pass smoothly along the surface during launching. We decided we join the two bottles together on opposite sides to make the rocket longer, so it could contain more air and water and therefore create more pressure and thrust. We cut the bottoms of the two bottles using scissor. Then we first tried to join the two bottles using tape.


After that, we made 4 new fins that fits these new bottles using cardboard. Then we attached them to the rocket using hot glue gun.


However, after pouring water to the rocket, we found out that the type that is used to join the two bottles was not tight that water create easily escape from there; therefore we cut a bit more on one of the bottle so that hopefully one section of the bottle could fit into the other one tightly. We didn’t test if it worked because class ended there, so we have to continue next class.


Constructing water rocket day 1

With the design we came up last class, we were able to begin making our own water rocket. Unfortunately, both of us forgot to bring the 2 bottles we need as the main body of the water rocket; therefore, we took a 2L Sprite bottle from the classroom. We cut the bottom of the Sprite bottle so we could join it with another similar bottle and make the water rocket larger. Then we cut 3 fins using cardboard and cutter knife for stabling the rocket when it travels through the air after launching.


Buying seeds

During our class time, our class went to a flower market to buy the seeds we needed for planting. Mr. King gave us 100 RMB and we bought a small bag of tomato seeds, a small bag of lettuce seeds, a small bag of lettuce seeds, 6 pipes and a huge bag of clay rocks. We were walking around at first to find the shop we wanted. Then, at the end of that path, we entered a shop and bought all of seeds and the pipes from there. After that, we took some time to find the shop that sells clay rocks. But eventually, we found a suitable shop at the other corner of the market. After we finished buying the clay rocks, we got back to the bus and returned to school. I forgot to take pictures, but Tony recorded a video and he posted on youtube, so you could check it out.


Planting day 11 (planting out)

It is almost the end of this semester and we only have a few lessons left. Our plants weren’t growing as fast as we expected to be, so we have to transfer our aquaponic plants to the field and plant them there, so the Sodexo could take care of our plant during the summer holiday.

So we first went to room 2115 and checked our plants.


Here is the photo of tomato seeds:


The ones in the center, the bottom center, and the bottom right were growing well.

Here is the photo of chili seeds:


Only the one in the center grew pretty well.

We then cleaned the room. We unplugged all the pumps, cleaned the boxes, mopped the floor, and cleaned the tables. Then we took the seeds the the field next to the greenhouse. We transferred some of the rich soil to a cart and then to the field. We also borrowed a few shovels and a watering can.


We then planted our seeds into the soil and watered them.



Lastly, we returned all of the equipments to the greenhouse.

Planting day 10

We checked our plants today. All of the things were going fine.

Here is the picture of tomato seeds:


Here is the picture of chili seeds:


The ones alive were still growing fine, but they didn’t grow much.

Since we didn’t have anything to work on, we left the room after we checked our plants.

Planting day 9

We checked our plants. The input water pump has been turned off by someone so their were no water cycling through the system during the break. So we turned the switch back on to let the system working. Since there were no flowing water, the top of the water in the boxes were covered with a thing that looked like a film.

Here is the picture of tomato seeds:


Most of them grew quite well.

Here is the picture of chili seeds:


Only the one in the middle survived and grew well.

Then we tested the pH level of the water in the boxes.


It shows the pH level should be around 7-8 when we tested it, which is slightly basic. However, the color of this testing paper turned darker as time passed.

Lastly, since the amount of water in the fish tank was too little, we set up a pump and connect with many tubes together to transfer water from the faucet to the fish tank.



Planting day 8

Since the room was once again flooded, someone turned all of power off. So today we first turned the input and output pump on, then we checked our plants.

Here is the picture of tomato seeds:


The one seed at the center bottom grew \extremely well.

Here is the picture of chili seeds:


The one at the center grew very well while some others died.

After that, all of us tidied this room up. We removed the few remaining clay rock from the boxes and tank.


We cleaned the tables.


And finally, we mopped the floor.