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Mid-Friday Crisis: An interpretation of a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Never in the world would I ever imagine anyone replicating one of Shakespeare’s famous plays. Well here is something that will change your opinion. Who says modern world language and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream wouldn’t go together, I mean Anagha, Ben, and I made it work. Based on the argument in Act 1 Scene 1,  the three of us transformed it into a high school, drama-filled, formal story.


Create Project: Trip to Elementary School

CREATE project for English is a project where all the students had the opportunity to show understanding of English standards  and curriculum by using something they are passionate or curious about. My partner, Lars and I wrote a children’s story book inspired by a children’s book inspired by our own moving around stories and how we adapt to the new school and environment. Lars and I shared an even amount of work load, we both participated in writing the story and Lars drew out all the images and put together the book. However our schedules with the elementary school doesn’t match so we unfortunately couldn’t read them our story, but we gave them our book for them to read during their reading sessions.


Godspeed, fair Helena!

Relating yourself to any one of the Shakespeare’s characters with such raw characteristics is just as hard as it sounds. Before starting this assignment, I thought it was kind of unimaginable too. However, after reading through Midsummer Night’s Dream, I understood the different characters and what they portrayed aren’t as complicated as the other plays. In the following paragraphs, I compare Helena’s characteristics to those of mine.


Seed Germination Process


Flower Market March 16th

Day 1 March 22nd

Day 2 March 24th

Day 3 April 6th

Day 4 April 12th

Day 5 April 14th

Day 6 April 18th

Day 7 April 20th

Day 8 April 22nd

Day 9 April 26th

Day 10 April 28th

Day 11 May 4th

Day 12 May 6th

Day 13 May 10th


Persuasive Monologue

Hey, Saumensch. So you’re dead. I don’t believe it, I don’t want to believe it, but you’re dead. Alright then. A lot is going on right now, there’s just so much I need to tell you. I always have something to say, you know me. I thought I would have forever with you and to tell you everything, grow old together, but obviously I was wrong.


Aquaponics Farm

The Aquaponics farm consists of many different farming techniques and aquaponic techniques. This trip widened my perspective and knowledge in this area, I got to witness various biodiversities and biospheres inside a greenhouse.  I also had the opportunity to learn how to build an aquaponic system and the concept for growing different types of vegetables/plants and what is good for each one. These are all useful insights because our project is based on these techniques and farming skills, learning about these skills gives me more options on which type of system I would want to use.


Propaganda Poster

My poster uses a picture of a naval ship sailing away from the Imperial Japan flag. The visual pathos this poster conveys to the viewer are feelings of victory, success and pride to their country. The colors of the boat and the sun makes the color of the American flag, which represents how its pro America. The boat is in the foreground symbolizes a greater importance than sun is in the background that symbolizes the Japanese. This would over predict how America was going to win the war.


How did the organization of early societies change?

Organization of early societies changed through history of methods in which society structures the activities necessary to its survival. Organizations can change by simple causes such as climate, environment, new technological discoveries. Technological discoveries such as learning how to far and creating a good surplus. The surplus allowed other people to pursue their passions instead of hunting and gathering, which would lead to merchants and artisans. Population increase could also cause early societies to change, as population increases, people with more experience often are chosen to stand out and lead them in order to keep the community in control. Early societies change through many different in many different ways also depending on their situation, which is different for everyone.

Onion Cells


Onion Cell 100x


Microscope Diagram

Effects of One-Child Policy

China’s population is by far the world’s largest populated country with 1.36 Billion people, that’s a lot right? What do you think happens when a generation from this largely populated country sets a policy that only allows one child? Below are three infographics explaining the different effects and focuses of China’s One-Child Policy. We used different graphs, images, vibrant colors and included interesting facts in detail to create entertaining and educational infographics. In our infographics we talk about both negative and positive impacts the One-Child Policy had on china in social and economic aspects.