Today, we replanted our carrots to a place next to

where are potatoes are. First, we shovelled out

the carrots. Next, went outside and planted them.

After that, we gave them good soil, and finally, we

watered them.


The ones on the left are the carrots.


Photo on 5-6-16 at 12.32 PM #4



We watered the potatoes.

Nothing grew out yet.


Photo on 5-6-16 at 12.56 PM



And we collected soil samples for our experiment.

We are going to test the soils in science class.

Photo on 5-6-16 at 12.33 PM #2

Our carrots are growing well, and we watered them.


Photo on 5-4-16 at 12.17 PM #4

Photo on 5-4-16 at 12.27 PM #2 Photo on 5-4-16 at 12.27 PM #3 Photo on 5-4-16 at 12.27 PM #4


We did everything again for the potatoes.

We tried to dig them up, but couldn’t find them.

I found one potato, and it was all blue, rotten.

So, this time, we put sticks on where we planted

the potatoes.

Photo on 5-4-16 at 12.19 PM

And our carrots are growing really well.

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Nothing happened to our potatoes, again.

Only weeds have grown out.

But our carrots are growing.

It’s getting better than the first time

because at least they came out.

Next time, we are going to dig out the potatoes

and just plant them again.

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image (3) (1)

Nothing happened for our potatoes today, too.

But another group that planted potatoes seemed to

not have their potatoes out, too, so maybe they are

just slow growers.

image (2) (1)

The carrots have grown more. It makes me happy

because at first, I was worried that they wouldn’t grow out.



We went out to where we planted

our potatoes, but there still was

nothing besides of weeds. We

pulled out some weeds and

watered the soil.


At least in the green house, our carrots

have grown. It’s nice to see ‘something’

growing up. We watered the carrots, too.


When we saw the potatoes, there was nothing.

There were nothing, although we planted the

potatoes last class

But there were weeds!


 IMG_5149 IMG_5150

It looks like there is nothing on the pots inside,

but there are small carrots sprouts coming out.


Then, we went back outside and watered the


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Today, we finally planted the potatoes. Our potatoes were really

dry and we should have only put them in the sun for a day,

rather than three days. But Mr. King said it’s okay, so we just

planted them.



Then, we watered them.

2A998B0F-82E0-4A5B-A279-516B01DD01ADThere were two sprouts in our carrot pot.


We prepared planting the potatoes today.


Almost nothing happened in our carrot pot again, but I did see a small green thing


We watered where we are planning to plant the potatoes.


We took the potatoes inside


And dried them next to the window so that we could plant them next time.

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We went to the flower market and bought some seeds.

We planned to just plant potatoes for potatoes, and just bought carrot seeds.



We also bought the fertilizer, which was very big. We planned to put some of them

for the carrots and some of them to potatoes because we heard that potatoes need fertilizer.

IMG_4946 IMG_4945

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