Liberty Bonds

Click here to see Propoganda Poster   This propaganda poster, created in the perspective of the United States during the second world war, is designed to propagandize citizens to buy war bonds that “guarantee freedom” by utilizing various techniques.   At a glance, the first element of the poster that attracts the eyes is the statue of liberty that is framed… Read more →

How Did the Organization of Early Societies Change?

The most prominent change in early societies began with a single yet powerful achievement, the achievement of fulfilling basic needs of survival. A typical example is the civilizational growth of the Sumerian city-state, Ur. Located near the mouth of Euphrates on the Persian Gulf, water was near proximity. With water always being around, the Urs could settle instead of roving… Read more →

China Under Imperialism: How did imperialism affect China?

The British imperialism in China had an impact on many aspects of China. Although the British imperialism remained in a more unapparent form by signing lucrative agreements or treaties, it greatly affected China’s trading economy and nationalism. However, predominantly it changed its internal power structure and its position in global power.   Before imperialism, China was one of the most… Read more →

China’s Cost of Pollution

  A filthy, gray, hazy sky.   This isn’t a surprise for Beijing citizens. It is no doubt that China’s economy is flourishing or that China’s pollution is culminating as an effect. However, is effect is inversely affecting its economy again, causing a few changes.   For my final project of my English class, I chose to create a video to… Read more →

Create Project: Our World in Sketch

Purified Air for Sale   Welcome to Life! The Panda’s Brush Stroke Mario’s Last Words     The world is not what we see anymore. People often see the world as a utopia, but is it really a utopia?   A few months ago, I started a project that could both reveal the ugly side of the world and meet the English… Read more →

Of Mice and Men Interview: The Soledad Ranch Life

Click here for the magazine She is poor. She is uneducated. She has no job nor the ability. And finally, she is a she. In “Of Mice and Men”, the author John Steinbeck depicts Curely’s wife as a representation of women during the 1930s. By characterisation and historical context, Steinbeck conveys the message that such poor, uneducated women are segregated and… Read more →

To what extent is conflict an inevitable consequence of power?

Absolute power is never escapable of conflict. Power may solve conflicts for the moment, however, it only creates more conflicts in longer terms. Through history, Japan’s imperialism and power structure evinces the inevitable consequence of power. During the Japan imperialism in Korea, Japan shut down Korea newspapers, replaced Korean subjects to Japanese, took away farm and and gave it to… Read more →