Science Field Trip

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Science Log:

Log 1:IMG_6687-225x300IMG_6688-300x225

This is where we started to germinate our seeds. The one on the left side is our lettuce seeds and the one on the right is our tomato seeds. We got a wet paper towl and put it on the tray and put the seeds on and on top of the seeds we put another layer of paper tissues to keep them hydrated. We also decided to put a plastic cover over it to keep it moist but we still poked some holes so that it could breathe and have some air.
Log 2:IMG_7333-225x300 IMG_20160412_140737-300x225

Since our seeds had died we had to replant them and germinate them again. And this time it started to work. This is also when we started to build our aquaponics. We had some difficulties trying to poke holes so that water could go through but other than that it was a success.
Log 3:IMG_20160412_140725-300x225 IMG_20160412_140819-225x300

Today we started to prepare the cups on where we would put our seeds in.  Our seeds are still growing in this photo.
Log 4:4.pic_-169x300 IMG_7123

in this photo we started to plant our seeds in cups because our seeds started to grow their roots.
Log 5:0-weu-d1-50a872f4d1a444ac04399601781fbc76-300x225 0-weu-d1-c83375e65fd1cf8adb2eaf8c24dc341d-300x225

Since we had some left over seeds we planted them in the small boxes.

Log 6:0-weu-d3-89db3a9d9a89b0dda0cd1f11a04b8dcc-300x225

Today we just observed the seeds grow in the small boxes. Next class we will head to the greenhouse and plant them bigger plant pot.

Log 7:

Log 8:

Log 9: IMG_9373IMG_9375

Today we decided to change the dirt and rocks to sponges and put the seeds inside. This is only for the aquaponics.

Log 10: IMG_7726

Today we just watered out plants.

Log 11: IMG_7776 IMG_7777 IMG_7778

We watered our plants more than usually because since today is a Friday we won’t see our plants over the weekend.

Log 12: IMG_8001 IMG_8002 IMG_8003

Today we had to replant our plants outside because they did not grow as fast as we thought they would so we had to plant them outside so that they can grow over the summer.


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onion chloroplasts


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Let’s Change History

The spice trade opened the world to everyone creating new cultures and economics changing every second. Culture started to spread, as the spice trade grew bigger and bigger. Cultures spread when people where trading by talking, experiencing new things. The cultures that started during the spice trade are still with us today such as Buddhism it started in India and soon 7-8% of the world was Buddhists. Another culture that spread was Christianity.

When people trade things the price doubles or goes up a little bit for their profit so that they could live and have money to spend on others. It basically is getting money for free. An activity we did in class by trading with others we noticed how the seller’s price was very cheap compared to the last buyers price. “Student Handout 3.1-Spice it Up” it says that many spices that were traded would increase the price every time it would have gotten traded for example: If I had sold it for $2 then after 5 people buying and trading and doubling the price it would be 32$ at the end. As you can see the price increases very fast and at very extreme paces.

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I came to win

“Pray” by Justin Bieber: This song reminds me of how its like in the Hunger Games because people are dying for no reason just for a dumb stupid little game. How people pray for the games to be over because so many innocent people get killed for entertainment and how people are trying to make a change but they cant other just pray.


“Fly” by Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna: “I came to win, to survive” this line describes it because Katniss volunteered as tribute because she didn’t want her sister to go because she knew she would die. I came to survive means out of the 24 people 1 person gets out and she wants it to be her. She would be the first person from district 12 to might win.


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The Swaggler

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The Swirve

Day 2: Choosing the Final Product


Today our goal was to clean dust. We tried making our polymer again but it was to watery or to sticky. Our 3rd attempt was our best attempt and we could not produce the same thing. We had tried 3 more times and we still got the same result water, sticky. When we added more cornstarch there it became sticker. When we added laundry starch it became more liquid. It was very hard because we could not figure out the right about because we kept on getting different results. We added more cornstarch so that it would become less watery but it did not go well.



Day 3: Filming


We started to film our commercial we made mask so that I would cover our face. We had not a lot of success because we had a bad camera and it was shaky and our voices were very quite and there was a lot of noise around the room. We had to film again after and we did voice-overs. We also had to make it again but we let it sit for a while so it would dry up more and become less dry ad sticky, which worked. We filmed and we edited and put our voices over the recordings. We had some troubles choosing the background song.



Day 4: Video Watching

Today we watched everyone’s video. Personally the most interesting one is the Smell Gell by Annie and Kyle. It smelled very good and it lasted a long long time. I would buy the Smell Gell. I also wouldn’t mind buying the stress ball but it is a bit over priced. My partner and I we also think that the Arm Wrest was very good. Our video was also pretty good. We worked hard on it. We might have had some troubles and we tried our best and did the best we could have.

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Day 1: Ideas

Today my partner Evan and I had tried to make something that would pick up dust and protect things. We had three attempts, our last attempt was the most successful when we removed the borax solution but it was very sticky. Our goal is to protect things when it drops and clean dust with its stickiness but not to sticky so it would stick. It was to sticky or to slimy. Some changes that we changed were not adding borax solution because it makes it way to watery and slimy. Also not to much corn starch to make it less dry

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American Revolution In Plain English

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This shows how much the main character Miles has changed. He started to smoke and try alcohol which lead to different choices and new friends. In the beginning Miles said that that he would not try alcohol or smoke, but because of peer pressure and trying to fit in he changed his mind and started to smoke and drink alcohol which made him a different person. He is a completely different person from the beginning and till the end. The character grows into a stronger person.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.28.53 PM

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