Significance of the Spice Trade

Spices was once knows as delicacy for flavouring food. Merchants and especially Europeans, valued this extravagant product and were traded for as much as diamonds. The Spice Trade opened up opportunities to let people from different countries around the world to communicate with each other and sharing cultural ideas. Most importantly, the Spice Trade made it European countries gain political power by controlling numerous Asian Areas. Geography on the other hand, had major influences in several countries had special unique geographical feature. Thus, each place produces different type of goods. Arguable, that Geography and political power was a diverse change in the period of Spice Trade.




This map shows the different trade routes that different countries took. Also look closely that most merchants goes to India to trade because of the geographic area where it is surround by water which is easy to stop by the ports.


During the Spice Trade, geography played crucial role, which made the Spice Trade progressed so quickly. Since, different places in the world had different type of geographical and environment feature it means that each country grows there own types of spices. Therefore, countries from all around the world come to buy these costly good from each distinguished place where it was produced. As the primary sources in the Spice It Up states, “ Sugar… produced on a large scale in India and Southwest Asia…” (Spice It Up reading, 22). This is suggesting that in different type of places produce certain good based on the geographical and environment feature. However, geography was crucial during the time because if Spices that require a longer traveling route to one destination to another it is often sold for a higher price. For Example, England is far away to India, which takes a longer time to import the spices because the merchants had to travel through rough terrains like desserts, mountain, and rivers. After many years later, merchants and other explores used a new method and decided to travel by sea. As you can see at the map, that many of the trade routes were on water because it was faster and easier. Not only it is more convenient but it can also get to Islands that could not be traveled by going on land routes. Despite the fact that geography made trading harder for some countries but it still allowed trading to develop and which made Spice Trade flourish.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.59.19 PM



The Spice Trade wasn’t only the time where spices was traded but European countries gradually brewer cleverer and control many parts of Asia to gained political power. Since European countries observed that Asia and India was fully of rich resources and great deal of unique types of spice they started to take control of many land and trading ports in Asia. “…British government have monopolized the trade of all fine and valuable…” ( Bahandur Shah-Azamgarh Proclamation). However, not only did the British took political control of parts of Asia but the Dutch’s also of conquered places in India like Batavia. Since Batavia was a major port between Asian and Europe, the Dutch decided to rule over the Batavians during 1800. The Dutch controlled all the Spice Trade and the spices that was produced. “…Dutch India… entirely monopolized by the government…” (Observations by British Seaman, sentence 1-4). Since Batavia was full of natural resources and spices like, “…Coffee, pepper, and sugar…” (Sentence 3). The Dutch was keen on being wealthy, and gain more political control over Spice Trade, which made them decided to rule over the Batavia. However, the Dutch was eager on being rich and gain power that they mismanage Batavia, which end up as chaos. “This system has been found oppressive…natives…destroying their own plantation, preferring beggary of such serve taxation for the support of government…” (Sentence 11). In the time of the Spice Trade, the Europeans was all about controlling and gaining political power in the major trading parts of Asia. However, they did not take full respected to the natives that was living there which caused great consequences.

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Tips to Succeed in 8th Grade

Tips for 8th grade

Don’t be late for school

Pay Attention in class: During class, remember to always listen to teacher because they will sometimes tell you something important.

Do your Homework: Don’t be the person who doesn’t finish your homework on time and does it on the way to school.

Raise your Hand in class: Raise your hands to show the teachers that you are focused in class.

Be Responsible: Being responsible is not a hard. Just do everything the right way and always try your best. Don’t steal or plagiarise other peoples work and create your own work.

Be Respectful: Arrive at class on time to show respect to your teachers.

Be Organised: Don’t be the person that always looses things and get in trouble. Bring your all the stuff you in class and don’t always ask your friends for a pencil.

Remember to Have fun in 8th grade: Just remember to have fun in 8th grade and follow the tips I gave you.


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3 Books that You Would Never Forget, Trust Me


Over the course of 8th grade I have read many books as in 25 books. Uhh, cough not really cough. To be honest, I have actually read only 12 books this year. However, I picked out three books I really enjoyed reading.


A Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie:

*Disclaimer: Not suitable for younger readers due to inappropriate content.*

An Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time s an Indian is anexciting first person narrative from the perspective of a normal Indian teenager. The main character is, Arnold Junior, who lives in an Indian poor family. He goes through many conflicts and depressing moments throughout the story. This book is written like a diary or a journal as Arnold Junior documents the highs and lows of his daily life.

I found this book very fun to read because throughout the whole book there are many illustrations and pictures to make it more entraining to read. I recommended this book to people who like reading books from a first person perspective or are interested in humour.

Animal Farm by George Orwell


Animal farm by George Orwell is like a fairy tale like story but instead, it is based out of what happens during Russian Revolution. Instead of using their real name like Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, George Orwell used pigs for and important people during the Russian Revolution because pigs are one of the smartest animals alive according to Orwell. Other farm animals are substitutes for different groups or main characters during the Russian Revolution. Over the course of this book, there are many conflicts that has to do with the Russian Revolution. Which makes it really intriguing if you like Russian History.

I recommend this book to older readers from 8th grade and above because this book is not only a challenging book but there is a lot of small details that has many meanings to it.


Sophie’s World by Josetin Gaarder:



Imagine receiving random postcards and letters in your post card? Weird, right? I would freak out and called the police. However the main character Hilde Møller Knag was confused at first but started talking to this mysterious person more often. I can’t tell you much because I would spoil some parts but throughout the book you learn many things about the History of Western Philosophy.

This book is a very interesting and mysterious book. However, you could also learn many information and facts you didn’t even know from the story. If you are the type of person who loves reading books with facts but with some mysterious and nervous moments. This is a book I would recommend you reading.

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A Very Mean and Nasty World


Life is not as perfect as you think it is. There are many ups and down throughout your life. Sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are not. Which reminds me of a famous boxer called Rocky that quoted something that I would never forget. “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.” This quotes realistically reflects on how society works in real life. Everyday won’t be a happy day because there is always something that turns a good day into a bad day. Relationship, mood, or even setting can cause all these problems. This is why I think that the theme for the book Where Things Come Back by John Whaley is life is tough, but forget about it, and move on.

*Spolier Alert*

Throughout the book many characters experienced many miserable moments but they tried to ignore it and move on. Early on the story, Aunt Julia was the first one who faced a tragedy incident. His seventeen-year-old son died from an unknown accident. “ I was sad for my aunt Julia, who could barely utter a sentence without bursting into tears” (28). However as the story moves along aunt Julia calmed down and tired to not think about his son. “ Aunt Julia remained calm for the last week…” (112). Although aunt Julia moved on, she still tries remember happy moments with his son Olso. “…Thinking about Olso when there where a baby. Crawling around on a solid white floor together…” (170). These small happy moments really makes you smile sometime.

Family members also plays a big part of this book. Imagine how different your life would without your brothers and sisters? Probably the house would be as quiet as a library. In the book, Cullen’s mother helps out her sister, which is aunt Julia to cheer her up after his son’s death. “ Now, with Oslo gone, my mother had taken to visting her sister on a daily basis…” (146). Since Gabriel, Cullen’s younger brother, who was lost for few days, Aunt Julia would also pay a visit to her sister’s house. “Aunt Julia would drop in for chats in the kitchen with Mom…they would have talked and talked and talked” (143). Aunt Julia and Cullen’s mom probably has these conversations to maybe ease the stress or sadness of their mind and move on.

*Spolier Alert*

Cullen was dating one of the prettiest girl in the grade, Ada Taylor. It made sound like winning a lottery ticket for Cullen. Although Ada Taylor is dating Cullen and sleeping in his house, Cullen suspects that she is starting to fall in love with her ex-boyfriend, Russell Quitman again. “ I did not see Ada Taylor that day or the next one either. Instead I saw her car parked at the Quit Man’s house” (156). Seriously, how could Ada possible fall in love with her ex-boyfriend again. That is so unfair to Cullen. However, what makes me made if I was Cullen was that she kissed him. “ He sees the Quit Man slowly plant a huge movie-star kiss on her lips…” (159). How irresponsible is Ada? If I were Cullen I would break up with her immediately. Which happens later on the story, but it happens later than I thought. “ I need to take care of Russell. He needs me. I love him….she walked out the door…and a couple sitting to my right were looking at me in that we-just-heard-you-got-dumped” (179). After that incident, Cullen got really depressed but he moved one after a day or so. “ ‘ What happened? ’ asked Lucas. ‘Nothing, just leave me alone’ “ (182). Break up happens so often with teenagers these days. Why do people think breaking up is like the end of the world? Just stand up strait, wipe your tears off, and move on.

*Spolier Alert*

Another example of the theme is when Gabriel, Cullen’s brother, disappears. “ Gabriel wasn’t in his room when I got home…three hours later and after calling everyone we knew and driving around town twice that we decided to call the police” (55). They kept finding Gabriel but couldn’t. “Dad…stayed on the phone pretty much all day long…He talked to sheriff’s departments all over the state” (70). “ Mom…contacted newspaper to print missing ads, but few would agree to publishing articles about a possible runaway” (71). Everyone in the Witter’s family is trying hard to find Gabriel but couldn’t. However, they never gave up in finding Gabriel because they knew that he was still alive. Cullen’s friends also joined in and was nice enough find his brother. “ ‘ We’re going to find your brother,’ says Lucas” (107). Although, after a while they found clothes of Gabriel in a graveyard and suspected that Gabriel was actually dead. “…holding a pair of blue jeans, knees stained with grass and dirt, blood caked around ankles, pockets torn with holes and unraveling. These were the last pants that Gabriel was seen wearing” (117). After that incident, the family gave up and thought that Gabriel was dead. “…Gabriel is probably dead…” (145). As weeks past, Gabriel remembers the happy moments with his brother Gabriel. “ His brother begins to strum the guitar with what looks like skill but sounded nothing but silence. Everyone is smiling. Talking. Laughing” (185). People in city knew about the death of his Gabriel and treated him nicely. “ Mr.Burke…who owned Burke’s Burger Box knew my brother had gone missing… so he help me out by giving me free hamburgers” (209). “ People walked to me, leaned down, and gave us a ten dollar bill” (209). This really bothered Cullen because he didn’t want anyone to know that his brother was gone but something called the newspaper told everyone else. Cullen never stopped thinking about his brother and hope he could find his brother sooner or later.

*Spolier Alert*

One day, something unexpected happen. “…sitting in his bedroom and, happening to glance out the window, sees his little brother walking slowly down driveway” (228). Although life is tough, it can sometimes surprise you.




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We Need to Find Him Now!


The diary above this is a first person narrative from the main character Cullen Witter. Cullen Witter from the book Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley has gone through many conflicts. The diary reflects on the rising action on the conflicts that Cullen experienced and how he felt.

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The Time They Come

Bellow this text is an original poem that I made during poetry week when Lukka Lesson came to our school. He inspired me and gave me example which made me make this poem.



They would find us buried under the sea


Next to the house, a school, a city, and a country


They will say we were quite old fashion


The way we stare at empty looking screens


The way we eat with spoons, knife, and fork


The way we watch TV shows in a 60 inch TV


They would find a Book


And think it was wood bars to make fire


What is this place?


The future books will say that we polluted the world


With the four-wheeled automobile we drove


They would put a house in the museums


Saying that we lived in a cave


What is this place?

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You Should Never Give Up Your Inner Self

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Making the Drawings Alive




Don’t you find drawing or pictures make things much easier to understand? Well, I do. I believe that drawing and pictures can make things come alive or seem more imaginable. So, I wanted to make my setting more interesting so I deiced to draw it and put quotes bellow it to support it. Although drawing can take a long time, but it’s worth it.

Above this text is a drawing/description that I did. I made this setting sketch because it will be a great fit for introducing the setting of the book Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jiang. Instead of finding pictures online, I deiced to hand draw them. The process took me a long time because I am not so great at drawing but the final results were great. To make the Setting sketch I had to find some key quotes that really describes the setting of the story. For example, the book talked about how Ji-Li Jiang’s house looked like so I drew pictures of her house and added quotes. “The apartment was bright and warm and welcoming” (7).

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The Amazing Journey Throughout China

In order to discover the fascinating secrets and mysteries of China a travel magazine named “Lü You” was created. “Lü You” discovered the vast differences of people and cultures within China; from Tibet to Inner Mongolia to Yunnan. This travel magazine I made with my partners Nicolas, Ji Won, and James.



It will be deeply appreciated if you completed the survery.

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How bad can things get?

Have you ever thought that you have been cursed by this unlucky spell? Where there is bad luck happening everyday? Arnold Junior, the main character of the story The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman by Sherman Alexie has this unlucky spell on him. Well, that is what I think about Arnold. Every problem that occurs in the story it always has been unfortunate incidents. Sad, right? At first your friend is being annoying to you by asking many random question. Then we you tell him to be quiet, the teacher looks at you and thinks that you are not paying attention. Well, that always sometimes happens to me in school. However, in Arnold’s unlucky spell, it is much worse.

The meaning of ‘unluckily’ in the dictionary basically means resulting from bad luck. The definition really fits to what is happening so far in the story. At the start Arnold’s best friend, Oscar, which is a dog suddenly caught a flu and died. “ He was lying on his bed with red watery, snotty eyes. He whimpered in pain…Oscar died… I was so depressed that I thought about crawling into a hole and disappearing forever” (9). After reading that paragraph I felt the sad emotion because seeing someone suffering from pain and you suddenly realised that you can’t do anything to help it, is the worst feeling ever. This quote also mad me think how how unlucky that Oscar, the dog, suddenly caught a flu and died is just very unfortunate for Arnold. As the story moves on Arnold was then accused of accidently throwing a geometry book at the Mr.P, the math teacher. “ I was suspended from school after I smashed Mr.P in the face, even though it was a complete accident” (33). Arnold was very unfortunate because he was giving the book to someone and accidently hit Mr.P in the face, which is really unlucky. At first, I thought that Arnold was just having a bad but as the story continues he gets unluckier.

Since Arnold, was a smart kid and was known as a ‘nerd’. He would cherish any friends he has. One day, Arnold wanted to leave his school, rez to a better school called Reardan. He decided to tell his best friend, Rowdy who he meet a long time ago, because he always share news and gossips with him. However, Rowdy became angry and suddenly punched Arnold because he was leaving him. “Bang! Rowdy punched me…I suddenly realized that my best friend had become my worst enemy” (52). Arnold’s best friend Rowdy now hated Arnold because he went to another school. What kind of best friend is that, right? I am now starting to feel very sorry for Arnold because his dog, Oscar died and now his best friend left him.

As school started in Reardan, things didn’t go out that well. People in school started to tease him. “ ‘ What’s your name?’ ‘Junior’ She laughed and told her other friends” (62). After awhile Arnold was then bully by other boys in school. However, Arnold played really good basketball, which made everyone in the school like him. The coach saw the potential in him and decided to let him join the varsity team. “ Heck, I ended up on the varsity. As a freshman” (142). I am starting to feel happy for Arnold because there is final one thing that he is happy about. One day, there is a basketball match against his old school, Rez. This is the biggest and toughest game of Arnold’s varsity basketball career because he is going to meet with his arch enemy, Rowdy. Arnold thought that he could do well and impress his old school, but his friend Rowdy got a bit aggressive. “He wanted to kill me, face-to-face…I immediately stole a pass and drove for a layip. Rowdy was right behind. I jumped into the air…Rowdy smashed his elbow into my head and knocked me unconscious” (146). Arnold then suffered from brain damage, which makes him dizzy all the time.

A few days later, Arnold’s grandmother died. Arnold loved his grandmother because her grandmother gave him lots of advice in life and told a lot of stories. “We held Grandmother’s wake three days later… and thousand Indians showed up that day to say good-bye” (166). At this point I feel so sorry for Arnold. As I said before, his dog, Oscar died, his best friend, Rowdy left, and now his grandmother dies. I don’t know how bad things are going to get as the story progresses. I just hope that something good or happy is going to happen to Arnold.



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