April 28th Gardening

Mint 2¬†MInt<—– cut mint top of plant


So many insects including spiders and ants, are currently residing inside of our plant pots. This is good and bad at the same time, firstly this can mean that the plants are very fertile and a good habitation for plants, negatively the plants fertiliser is being eaten. In addition our mint has been trimmed by someone and we do not know who. As normal we watered all the plants


April 26th Gardening


Today I went back to the greenhouse to water the plants. We put in some fresh soil (fertilizer) as more food for the plants to be sure if they were growing to full potential


April 22 Gardening


Today we were gardening our healthy growing plants. At the moment I am very proud of the plants that are fully grown. We watered them today because the plants seem a little dry, so we watered them a little extra, to make the soil better. These plants are growing very well especially the radishes, which have grown better than before


April 18th (Day 5) Gardening


The mint and rosemary seem to have reached their peak, as they have a nice smell to them currently, today we made sure our plants had enough Vitamin D for their photosynthesis.


April 14th (Day 4) Gardening


Today the main struggle was watering the radishes, as the roots are flimsy and easily bend from the weight of the water, so i used my hand and sprinkled little bits of water on the radishes. Today we also added new fertiliser.


April 12th (Day 3) Gardening

Day 3

Today we have been doing what we have been doing for the past few days, as you can see the plants are growing perfectly everything is green and looks great at the moment. Today we put in fresh fertiliser, watered the bed and picked out rocks we found inside the pot.


April 6th (Day 2) Radishes progress

Radishes 2Radishes 3Radishes 4


Guess what finally started growing!!!! these Radishes in the middle are finally sprouting, once again we watered the bed and added a little more fresh fertiliser as food for the plants. All of our plants are growing faster than other groups and are growing at a  rate.


April 5th Planting (Day 1)

Plant 6Plant 5Plant 2Plant 3Plant 1Plant 4


Today was the first day of planting. We planted Radishes, Mint and Rosemary. The mint and Rosemary were pre-planted in pots, we then divided the pot into three sections, one plant for each section. In the top of the pot we have rosemary, in the middle the current plant growing is Radishes, the bottom plant is mint, which is expected to grow fast. After the digging of holes and planting the plants we then watered the bed of plants.


April 5th Purchasing Seeds



Today my group (Jisu, Lars) all went to visit the flower market, it was here we bought all of our seeds to grow our plants for this semesters project. Things were a little slow moving trying to find all the stuff. We purchased mint, radishes and rosemary.


Farm Life 101

Today in science class we went to a rural farm that was 45 minutes away from ISB. We saw and learned many different types of fertilisers that was used to aide the growth of the plants, the purpose for today was to discuss the needed materials for our next project. We made irrigation systems and water filters out of white pipes in groups that worked together to build the completed product. I enjoyed looking at the various flowers and plants although the smell was quite ripe. I cant wait to look at more plants and flowers in my free time.


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